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Living on a Kurkum Farm

Hi, I am Weronika. I come from Poland and I would like to share my story here. Two months ago my travel to Spain started. I moved out to Cretas, a small, adorable village with a magnificent mountain view. I lived in the place in which I could live in harmony with nature-Kurkum Farm.

Since a long time I wanted to live in a sustainable and concious community.
This safe, caring and inspiring environment gave me a lot of precious memories. Every week was different. At the begining I had to accomodate to new climate, place, people and language. It was a lot! However, I feel stronger, more resistant and flexible for changes now.

This project was not only a journey to meet people, cooperate together and create beautifull space around us ( which was immensely valuable) it was also a journey inside myself. I had a great opportunity to get to know myself better. It gave me a lot of peace and tranquility.

Everyday I could enjoy being surrounded by nature and admire astonishing nigth sky here. Beauty and special ambience of this place improved my life-style. I was practicing yoga and meditate. Thanks to that I feel more grounded and stable now, so I am healthier person. Moreover it was good place to work with emotions and learn non-violent communication. I had to communicate despite the differance in age, experiance and language.

We were constructing buildings from wood and stones and organizing events. I could learn how to cook traditional dishes. I can make tortilla di patatas. I might participate in workshops about permaculture, aromatherpy and ayurveda. I could dance, have fun and feel free. I taked care of garden, plants, animals and people. They were giving me back the best they could do. I will miss all this things.

I am so grateful for being part of this project and for meeting on my path all this people who accompanied, helped me and shared their stories. I feel sad now because I became a part of ‘Kurkum Family’. I think that piece of this place will stay in my heart. This adventure is going to the end, soon another begin. Nevertheless, acccording to Heraclitus sentence, ‘The Only Thing That is Constant is Change’.

Weronika, volunteer on a Kurkum Farm, Cretas



Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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