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Volunteers profiles

Hey there! My name is Imane, I’m from Morocco 🇲🇦 I’m volunteer in Zespół Szkół Specjalnych nr4( Special needs school N4 )in Sosnowiec, My first week at school was incredible ,they support children and adolescents in their development to reach full maturity : physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

and the school has also a lot of therapy rooms to treat those children with different kinds of disablilities.

My tutor super nice too,I enjoyed my first week totally and I hope the next is greater too .

Imane Volunteer in special needs school N4, Sosnowiec.

The project is co-funded by ESC European Solidarity Corps.



Hello! 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

This is Sibel from Turkey. 🇹🇷 I’m 27 and I studied at the faculty of education about early childhood education. I’m a preschool teacher. I will be volunteering for the next 6 months in The Free Bullerbyn School in Warsaw/Poland. 🎉🎊

I like to reflect my knowledge and experience to people. I like to learn and i like to teach. I’m curious and I like to do research on topics that I am curious about. I like being busy with my job and finding ways to make children curious and excited. I love children and I take care to spend quality time with them. 👧🏽👦🏼 Also I like reading, researching, drawing, travelling, learning new languages and doing crafts handmade.

So I’m a teacher and you can’t become a teacher just by reading books you have to experience the world. 🌎 That’s what I want to do right now. With this project I want to raise my awareness about different cultures and improve my education skills also my empathy. And I know that this project will make a great contribution to me. I’m so excited and I hope to gain good experience abroad and share my own skills and experiences with you.. 🙏🏻

See you soon! 🌸🌸🌸

Hello 👋

My name is Samir from south of Morocco , I’m volunteering here in Poland in a democratic school I believe that volunteering give us new experience to discover new things .I like art🎨 , as you can see in the picture I get engaged in a work shop with kids

My artworks is about the beautiful Diversity I am so excited to discover Poland arts and culture and I’m happy to participate in this project 🙂



The Project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps


Hi, I’m Coline, from France. I’m really exciting to be part of this adventure!! I will be working at Bielsko-Biala, in Waldorf school, in the High school. I’m 18 years old. I didn’t saw a lot of things in Poland yet, but what I see it’s really really great. It’s a very beatiful contry. Yes, it’s a cold one, colder than mine but I thinks it cool. It will be my first winter with snow, such an amazing thing, don’t you think !

I think this volunteering will be such an experience, an amazing one ! I’ll discover a new contry, a new culture , meet new people from all around the world, especially the other volunteer. I met some yet and they are really great

I will work with children and teens, I’m very exciting about my work. I’ve always wanted to be part of educational fields, now i’m in, that amazing.

Hi! I am Miri, from Azerbaijan and participating European Solidarity Corps program. I am 23 years old. I am a volunteer at Democratic School Wolna Szkola Ursynow in Warsaw, Poland. People are sincere here, they always try to teach and learn. I will share some Azerbaijan customs with them. Everything is going well. I have always tried to improve myself as today. Today I am here for learn new ideas, new customs and share my ideas and customs. Last time, I was working as a match teacher in our country in private school. I am thinking I will learn new things here and share them people in my country. May be we can open Democratic School in Azerbaijan too in future. Why not? Volunteering is wonderful. If you are still in another country, you have a lot to learn here. In such a beautiful environment, it is very interesting to work with good people and learn something. I think each of you should experience this moment. Let’s live the life we will live once, in a way it will be so interesting for us. I thankfull Europan Solidarity Corps for creating these conditions🖤 There are wonderful dishes here. And I love cooking, that’s why everything is perfect✊

Enjoy your life😉

Project is co-funded bu European Solidarity Corps. 04.01.2022

I am Amiko from Georgia and I am participating in ESC program. I arrived in Szczecin about a month ago, met my mentors and my flat mates. Everything is going very well. It is a very friendly and international environment here, that I like a lot. The purpose of my visit here is to gain some experience, improve my life skills and learn the culture of another country. This program is long term and I will be here in Poland for about a year. My duty is to help children and involve  them in various activities, for example, to do fun warm-up exercises and I also want to teach them Georgian traditional dance.  I like this place very much and I am glad that I decided to participate in this project.

my name is Marine and I have just moved to Szczecin. I love performing arts in general and circus in particular, so I am really happy and grateful for this opportunity to learn train circus skills and support kids in developing theirs. I also love travelling, new cultures and languages, so I am looking forward to learning more about the Polish language and culture. Come visit us and we can juggle together! 🙂

I am Jacek and I come from Italy. I have just begun participating in an European Solidarity Corps project in Poland as a media production assistant. I would like to improve my communication skills both in English and in the Polish language.

Hello! This is Andrea from Spain. I am volunteering in Lodz in a
democratic school . I studied social work and gender studies and I have been always connected to education. I am interested in arts such as theatre, watercolor painting, music,
dancing and ceramics.

Hi! I am Sara and I will be a volunteer with Active Women Solidarity Corps. For now I am in Sokolowsko, but I will send you some posts about my activities like festivals, gigs and art exhibitions from the whole Poland! Keep up!

Hello, My name is Ayshan Huseynova. I am from Azerbaijan, Baku, the capital city. It is located in the east side of Azerbaijan. Besides that, I have a close-knit family. There are five of us: a sister, a brother, a mother, a father and me. I am originally from the south-west area. With regards to my hobbies, I used to draw a lot while I was in primary school. However, I know that I need to start it again. What is more, I like playing the ukulele and taking a long walk for a few hours. I look forward to have new experiences in Poland.
Instagram: @ayshanhuseynova

Hi! I’m Azer. I am from Azerbaijan and I am 24 years old,  I am a volunteer at school number 9 in Sosnowiec, Poland. At the age of 18, I decided to go into business and live alone, and I developed myself in software. Now I am working as a software developer in a reputable company. I am thinking of building a new school in Azerbaijan, so I need some experience for a while to improve myself. That’s why the most suitable choice for me is the ESC volunteering project. And Poland is one of the best for me. If I have such a chance and it is possible to experience it the way I want, why not join the ESC project. My first day at school was very exciting, but the tolerant attitude of the students towards me and the good dialogue with the teachers amused me a lot and I can’t wait to go back to school. Every time I learn a new Polish vocabulary and get a new recipe. I like to eat a little too much. so at school, they suggest I cook Polish food and I cook Polish food. I really liked the volunteer project. I am sure that at the end of my volunteering, I will recommend it to my friends with great faith.

Hello! It is Mohamed, I am the new volunteer from Egypt. 
I am going to be a volunteer in the democratic school in Warsaw that’s mainly because I am a teacher so I am really interested in this educational method. 
I am looking forward to teaching the students English, Arabic, and telling them about the Egyptian culture as well. I am also looking forward to learning the Polish language from them as some were so eager to teach me.
I have visited three Polish cities so far Warsaw,  Poznan, and Sosnowiec, I have also visited three museums, one castle and many churches.
I am planning to do an “Egypt day” at the school, I will be sharing a lot about my culture with a focus on our food, for example, Koshary, which is one of the most popular Egyptian dishes that you can eat anywhere in Egypt 😋. You can find a picture of it below. 
This project is co-funded by the European solidarity corps.
#EuropeanSolidarityCorps #activewomenassosiation

Hi guys! İ am Özlem, from Turkey. İ am 23 years old. New cultures, new climates new life zones make me happy. Such experiences show the beauty of the different things. Thats why İ am here.İ have big family; a lot cousins, nephews, nieces, siblings. İ am gradueted in teaching department, my high school department was child development. İ think this reasons enough for come here and work as a volunteer in primary school. 
Instagram: ozlem840254

Hello everyone, it’s Rahma from tunisia, i’m here for a new challenge and new experience, I’ll be a volunteer in the project “alternative education” funded by European Solidarty Corps, in bullerbyn democratic school in warsaw, the most beautiful place in poland ❤, I’m so lucky to be the first tunisian volunteer 🤗 and I would like to help kids to learn English , Arabic and French.It’s my second week here and I’m having fun , making new friends and discovering new beautiful things on myself.
The best thing that I like in poland is how they treat animals here, almost everyone have pets and that’s so cuuuute ❤❤
The weather is sooo cooold😭😂 but I’ll get used to it for sure and I’m really excited to see the first snow fall, it’s gonna be the first time in my life seeing snow ❄🙃
I hope we’ll be happy in this new experience and don’t forget the golden quot: Feel the fear and take action anyway 😉💪

#EUSolidarityCorps #activewomenassociation

Hello, I am Anamaria. 

I am from a beautiful country called Georgia 🇬🇪 I am 19 years old and I study law. I took a gap year in order to participate in the “European Solidarity corps” program. I wanted to have new experiences, gain knowledge and meet new people from different cultures. I am a volunteer in Bullerbyn democratic school in Warsaw. I love sharing my journeys on my instagram account, so if you want to see my adventures, you can follow me on anamaria.tav 

Cześć My name is Batu im from Turkey. I am 26 years old. I am still student at university. I wanted to be here because i am really interested in Poland. I really like football,camping,hiking and producing music. Also i dont have any siblings because of that i really would like to be in touch with children. Hope to see you soon !

Hello, my name is islam from ALGERIA.Iam 23 yesr old and im a singer songwriter ,im here in Poland to volunteer with people with speciale needs for one year ,and i’m really exited to do that,to see what i can do and what i am capable to do.So yeah

Hello, I’m Hazal from Turkey. I am 24 years old. I graduated in French language teaching education. I love helping people and kids. What I love the most is teaching.I like to get out of my comfort zone. Having the capacity to influence others’ lives and making a real impact are the things that fascinate me the most I’m glad that I have this opportunity.

Hello  I am Khaled from Egypt and everyone here is calling me DJ Khaled  I am a digital marketer and i am a new volunteer here with the amazing school in Sosnowiec, I speak English and Arabic and I would love to learn polish. I like marketing filed so much  and I love playing football, Tr aveling, meet new people  

I am Sefa from Turkey, I am 22 years old and I graduated department of psychology, I have been working with kids as a Child Psychologist for 3 years old.
I like like travelling, reading , watching movies, discovering another cultures and places and I like being in communication with kids. I decided to participate in this project because I believe I will learn a lot of things from this project. I am very excited for my project

Contact me
Instagram: sefaagurbuzz

I am Yasemin from Turkey , i am 26 years old and i graduated as a french teacher. I get along with kids well and i get happy 🙂 I will work in kindergarten that’s why i wanted to participate in this project. I like learning and creating new things. I love meeting new people because new people mean new experiences. I’m happy to live these moments with new people and experiences.

I am Sofianna from Greece , i am 23 years old and I studied Special Education but i prefer to call my self ”companion”. I believe that the roles of teacher and students are in exchange all the time so this is wonderful.
I love nature arts and the involvement of education through game and freedom.
I was searching information for alternative , artistic and more natural-free way of learning so this project came like a present from the sky!
I am open and grateful to fill moments with new people,new ideas and feel new motivations.

My name is Carolina, and I came from Portugal to participate in a volunteer project. This project will last about 11 months.
I really like team sports, manual arts, and my favorite place is the beach🌊.
I decided to participate in this project because I think it will be a unique experience that will make me learn a lot of things.
I have enjoyed working with children since I was a little girl, so I signed up for a project where I could be close to them.
I’m very excited to star this experience!

To contact me:

Facebook: Carolina Pereira Portugal

Instagram: carolinagpereira_


Hi! I’m Ester, I am 22 years old and I am from Catalonia. I will be a volunteer in Wolna Szkola Ursynow🌻
I studied Primary Education with music speciality and last year I started working as a teacher in Barcelona. Also I was a volunteer in a scout group in Barcelona. As you can see, I love kids and education!🌞
I love to sing and play the guitar, dance, read and also I love nature!!🌱
Also I’m a shy person and I don’t know anything about Poland or Democratic Schools. That’s why I think that this project would be a challenge and a great opportunity!🇵🇱

Very excited to start this adventure! If you want to visit Warsaw, let me know🥰

To contact me:

Facebook: Ester Siso

Instagram: @ester_siso


Hello! I am Alba from Catalunya and I amb 21 years old. I will be a volunteer in Wolno Mi in Gliwicie during this school year. I have finished my degree in Bilingual Primary Education and I am looking forward to learn how a democratic school works. I believe this experience can be a great opportunity to grow both personal and professionally, and a good chance to get to know this beautiful country.I love art, specially music and drawing, so I hope I can teach the kids about this. I also love travelling and meeting new people, so I hope we can meet soon ☺️

To contact me:

Facebook: Alba Besora

Instagram: ananasbesorae


Hey! My name is Ari, I’m from Spain and I will be in the democratic school placed in Gliwice. I’m 22 years old and I have just finished my degree in Bilingual Primary Education. I love arts specially music, I play the ukulele and love to sing. I am a big fan of cold weather and love going skiing on Winter. I enrolled as a volunteer because I wanted to learn about different types of education around the world and learn more about other cultures. I also wanted to provide my experiences and learnings to other people so I could help them “grow”.One of my main interests is nature and everything around it, so I want to share my passion for it and learn more about the nature in Poland.

To contact me:Instagram: arividmend

Facebook: Ariadna Vidal Mendoza



Maria here, this is post #1 of my first month in this project (p#1m#1 for future reference).Having worked in public schools in France, I decided to veer towards a less violent pedagogical approach to accompaning children and this is how I found democratic schools.My goal coming here is to be a part of a democratic kindergarten in the forest and share what I like to do and what I am learning with the children mostly, this being movement and learning how to grow food. The kindergarten is in Lodz, Poland, Fundacja Dmuchawiec, grateful to them for this opportunity.Project is cofunded by European Solidarity Corps.

Hello there!

My name is Salome and I come from Tbilisi, Georgia! I will be volunteering in Waldorf school in Bielsko-Biała. Speaking from experience, I know what a transformative impact school can have on children. Apart from giving an opportunity to children to acquire knowledge in various fields of education, the school inspires and facilities children on the important self development and self discovery journey.The right values and atmosphere help to shape the mindset and behavior of children in a healthy way. I am excited to join the amazing team of Waldorf School and together with them, inspire and motivate children!I would like to thanks European Solidarity Corps for co-funding this wonderful project!


This is Niko, from Tbilisi, Georgia. I’ll be volunteering in European Solidarity Corps project in Sosnowiec, Poland for the following year.

“Theatre for Social Change” – This is the name of my project and as you already understand it is connected to the performing art and theatre. We hope to make impact on society through our performances and influence positive changes in both local and international community.

So far I don’t have any experience in performing but I believe in my capacity to handle this challenge as long as my will to make impact on our lives is strong. Also, I hope to learn a lot about Polish culture and the country itself, travel in different cities and gain life-lasting friends here. ESC projects are the best opportunity for this.

As you see my expectations are high but hopefully they will all come true : )


My name is Raúl and I am from Gran Canaria, Spain.
Right now I am participating in the ESC project in Sokolowsko, with In Situ foundation.
The project is an eco project in Spa Park. Our goal is to work with the fauna and flora of the place and help conserve and restore the natural heritage of the place

You will wonder why I chose this project and that place. The answer is because I love nature and everything that surrounds it, animals and plants. I think it is a good opportunity to be able to enjoy this time here learning and surrounded by good colleagues.

See you!

Hey everyone!

My name is Maria, I’m a new ESC volunteer in Poland. I’m participating in a project called ‘Theatre for Social Change’ and as you can guess, it’s about theatre 🙂 We are trained for a very special kind of theatrical performance called Playback where the audience tells their stories and we, the performers, reinterpret on a stage right away.

What is my ‘why’ for coming here? I have a strong interest in Performance Arts and even got a degree in a discipline called Anthropology of Dance (yes, this thing exists — it’s not only about how people dance but also why they dance and what dancing means for the society in a particular time, place and culture). During this project I want to extend the area of my knowledge and learn about theatrical techniques and the impact of playback theatre.

And of course, a project like that is a also great adventure!

H E L L O !

I’m Stefania, a 26 y.o. girl from Romania, and I came here to experiment doing something more differently from the stuff that I already know. This means to satisfy my curiosity, to test my limits, develop new skills, to understand better the people and the European values, to become more aware, tolerant, and to do inclusion work.
But why have I chose Poland? I consider that it’s a thing more of people; people are making all the fun, all the gravity of the situations, painting in all colors the same event (…) and so on. You know that saying, “people are blessing the place”? Yes, when you do a recipe, the ingredients are more important than the shape of bowl in which you put them all. So, (for me) it’s a matter of people more than a matter of place.
And why this project? Because I saw it as an oportunit to learn more about active listening, understanding, tolerance, nonjudgement, empathy, and open my mental horizonts – opportunity to grow up on the path I desire and consider it’s good for me.

My name’s Laura. I’m 27 years old and I’m from Alicante, Spain.

 I’m social worker and I’m looking for job while I’m joined these project (Deep democracy in youth education) because it can be interesting for my future. It’s connected to education and democratic values, so it’s connected to my interesting.

 I’m in a democratic school “przestrzen” in Cracow, where I can learn about educational alternatives. I enjoy spending my time with children and meeting their parents. I love community social work I like to analyse situations and connect with different social actors to take advantage of what each one can contribute and improve globally. I’m try to be positive in all situations and when a problems presents I look for solving ways.

I’m an active person that love doing a lot of different thinks like hiking, In my city there are a lot of mountains near where I can do it,  playing music, I play ukulele and now I’m learning guitar, drawing, above all watercolours, or dancing all kind of music. And I want to share all what I know and learn all what I can.

If you want you can contacted me Instagram: laly.ando



My name is Mikołaj. I’m 25 years old, a native of the lower Silesia Region, south western Poland. I have a deep passion for linguistics, both learning and teaching languages. I majored in Chinese Studies at the University of Wrocław and have been working as a translator for the past 4 years.

I decided to join the Volunteer programme in Sokołowsko due to a deep interest in art, my first major beeing history of art. I was also tempted by the opportunity to learn new skills by working at the Kieślowski archive for the in situ modern art foundation. In addition, the chance to participate in world renown cinema and art festivals has also been a huge plus.

I’m very excited about all sorts endeavours connected the cultural exchange and very much interested in getting to know people from different cultural backgrounds!
Mikołaj from Poland

Hi, It’s Laura from Spain. I’m 23 years old and I’m a Social Worker. I’m here because I’m collaborating with the special needs school n.30 in Sosnowiec until 31th of May. I love travelling, dancing and hanging out with my friends. I also love to stay in nature, so that kind of plans are always welcome.

I came here because I want to learn more about alternative pedagogy and also to special needs schools. In my time here I was making zumba lessons with children at the school, but also some english virtual lessons with some of them. I hope I can enjoy the time I have left, learning and visiting others schools!

This picture was in my last trip in Wroclaw, that now became to my favourite city in Poland. I’m looking forward to go again 😊

My contact: IG: Laurelhacemiel

Hello everybody!

I am Leila from Azerbaijan. I lived in Baku where is the capital of Azerbaijan. I work at “Free school” in Krakow ( Wolna Szkoła Przestrzeń). We cook, play and learn with my students together. I am in love them 😊
At the same time, I am an English teacher and teach to adults who want to learn to speak in English. Also, I am interested in marketing and also doing hiking, sometimes just cannot climbing but at least trying to do my best. I am keen on eating and learning different languages too.
I would like to meet you all, see you, stay safe😊

If you want to contact with me

My facebook:

My gmail:

Hello Everyone 😀

My name is Gabriel Souto, I am Portuguese from Lisbon and I am 23 years old. Lisbon has a lot of characteristics that make it similar to other European capitals, but smaller than most of them, so it has a lot of beautiful views in such less space.

I am going to Sokołowsko to work at the In Situ Foundation, helping to revitalize the Spa Park and giving environmental education. I am currently studying nature conservation, so it almost goes without saying that I love the environment. I love hiking in the forest, swimming in the sea, and every nature related activity you might think of.

I love music and all kinds of art, mostly I like rock music but nowadays what I am really into is electronic music. I love a good party so I can dance and have a good time. I also like sports, especially martial arts, I used to practice taekwondo for some years.

I feel really excited about this new adventure, and I am sure you are too. So, I hope I can meet all of you very soon, so we can change experiences and have lots of fun!

You can find on Instagram: @gabiataide97 and WhatsApp: +351925311130

Hi guys! 😊

My name is María José. I am 23 years old and I am from Granada, Spain. It is near the mountain and I have come to another city near the mountain in Poland, Bielsko Biala because I am collaborating in a volunteer in a Waldorf school.

 I have studied Labor Relations and Human Resources. Also, I like educations proyect and more in rural areas. For this reason I have also studied Environmental Education. Any plan in nature seems great to me and more so if it can be shared with you. 

About my hobbies I like music, art, writing poetry and traveling as well as practicing sports in the mountains.

Hope you are enjoying this experience and looking forward to meeting all of you really soon!! 💫💫

If you want to contact me, my Instagram is: @mariajose_rc97

Hello, this is Clara!

I’m 25 and I’m from Spain. I’d graduated in Elementary teacher and I’m really into education. I’ve volunteered before in others schools around the world like Ghana or United States and I truly belive education is always bidirectional so I’m here to increase my profesional knowledge and grow up in a personal way.

Currently I’m Poland volunteering in Waldorf School in Bielsko-Biala in a Project co-funded by European Solidarity Corops for 10 months until December. My goal in #EUSolidarityCorps to have an awesome cultural exchange. I’m really excited about this project because learning a new method of teaching it will increase my interest on keeping learning.

Easy going and good vives 🤙🏻👅

Clara from Spain, volunteer of European Solidarity Corps un Waldorf School in Bielsko-Biala.

Hello amig@s! 🇮🇨🌱✨

It’s Paula, a passionate 23-years-old journalist from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain) and now, a volunteer in a small village in the south of Poland, called Sokołowsko.

Currently I am managing the social media accounts of the Sokołowsko Laboratorium Kultury! This means that I am working as a social media manager but also, as content creator and photographer. And I am doing this for a very long-standing and really known Art institution as is the Fundacja Sztuki Współczesnej IN SITU!

I can’t not be more proud and happy of our really hard work and for the decision of coming here that I made! I see this experience as a chance to grown personally and find my professional vocation. Also, I really thanks the In Situ Foundation for giving me this opportunity to explore the photojournalist and graphic design areas, completely new for me! 🙂

About my hobbies, I love analog photography, writing poetry and traveling! I am really into social politics and care of the environment. Finally, I am a huge fan of discovering weird an experimental songs and emergent artists and of creating amazing human connections around the world!

In case u need to contact me my gmail is: and my instragram profile is :

Hope u are enjoying this experience and looking forward to meeting all of u really soon!!🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚🧚

It’s Andrés, Spanish guy volunteering in Sokolowsko for a year! I landed here 1 month ago. This is a small village surrounded by beautiful nature and I enjoy a lot walking around!!

I’m helping in projects related to the promotion of art and the organization of the festivals in Sokolowsko.

On the other hand, I studied Musicology, Electroacoustic music composition and Technician for Live events. I’ve been working for theatre during the last years. I play several instruments like piano and guitar and I’m happy because I have just bought a guitar here!! It would be awesome to find other musicians here and play together, imaging if we create a music band of volunteers..

If you want to contact me, my instagram is: @andresdiezblanco

Hi everyone! Cześć wszystkim!

I am Dominika and i’m from Poland. I am a historian and some time ago I defended my master’s degree.
I have been working as a museologist for a few years but the time has come for changes and here I am in Sokolowsko in InSitu foundation.

I love to read books, of which I probably have a few hundred.
I also like spending time outdoors and in Sokołowsko we are surrounded by forests and we have lots of walking paths.
I hope to learn a lot from this volunteering and maybe next year there will be another one.

If you want to contact me:

Instagram: @lord_pliszard


Hello from Georgia!

I’m recent graduate from English philology facility, and my undying love is literature. Although certain prejudice exists that bookworms prefer to stay indoors, I very much love to travel abroad. Last year I visited Italy and Germany, and in 2020, I can’t wait to go to Poland and meet all the existing challenges that lies ahead. I hope that won’t be my last stop!

Aside literature I also like teaching. One thing working with children is that you get to listen all the different point of view that you don’t usually meet in your culture.

If you want to contact me

Instagram: @emilysmith3382


Barev! I’m Knarik from Armenia 🙂

I’ll be working at Szkoła Wolno Mi in Gliwice. Due to the pandemic situation, I’m in Armenia yet. 🤷‍♀️

I graduated from University this year, with a degree in philology. Currently, I’m working as an ESL teacher for adults.

I have various interests: from politics and human rights to hiking and mountains, so you can meet my alter ego that fits you the most 😉

This project is an opportunity for me to discover new educational methods, as I want to implement them in my country. Also, I hope to learn more about new cultures and to share about mine 😊

Here are my social media accounts:

FB: Knarik Karaminasyan

Twitter: @knarikkarami

Hola! Ysaura from Spain

I’m a psychologist and I love working with childrens. Last year I spent 3 months in a workaway programme and this year I’m going to spend 11 months being a volunteer in Special Needs School no.30.

I love to be outdoors, nature is one of the thing that I enjoy the most, it makes me really happy. I love baking too.

I see this project as an opportunity to learn new things and discover new places and cultures.  I know that I am going to learn a lot about myself and my profession.

If you want to contact me here is my social media accounts.
Fb: Ysaura Masadegalleta
Insta: masadegalletaThese are European Solidarity Corps volunteers who currently (2020) work in democratic, free and special needs schools all over Poland.

Hej! My name is Martyna

I’m from Poland and I’m volunteering in Special Need School no 4 in Sosnowiec. I’m really glad to meet new people. I like tripping, taking photos, playing with kids and making art things! ❤ Volunteering is a part of my life since 2018. It gives me a lot of joy, energy and satisfaction. Except making lessons and workshops I also translate to volunteers what’s happening in the school and help them acclimatize (not every teacher is speaking English, so I’m making it more easier to contact and convey knowledge ;)). I feel happy to be in European Solidarity Corps project.

That’s me:

My instagram: @kwapisx

Hola! My name is Paco
 Im from Spain and I will be in Tychy, volunteering with Active Woman Association in Democratic Wild School.
I just finish my Degree in Sports Science and my  passions are sports, music, traveling, photograpy and hanging out. I expect to discover a lot new places and people so see you soon!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fetch.jpg

To contact me
Instagram: _pacotorz

Bonjour ! I’m Matthias a French Volunteer 🥐

I’m volunteering with Active Women Association in Special Need School no 4, Sosnowiec. I just finished my high school and I want to discover other countries by making myself useful !
I love sports 🏈, music, hiking ⛰, reading, playing videos games and cooking 👨🏻‍🍳 I hope this year will allow me to make up my mind about my future ^^  I am very happy to participate in European Solidarity Corps project and I intend to make it something memorable 🦋

Instagram: lisendru


Ahoj, my name is Ondra and I am from Czech

I am 22. I come from Brno, where I study at the university the English and History for the purposes of education. I like languages I can speak English, Czech and Spanish fluently. I would like to be a teacher. I love riding a bike, writing my blog, reading books, hanging out with my friends etc..

In Poland, I am with Active Women association and I will be working in Our Good School in Katowice. (project co-funded by European Solidarity Corps) My goal is to learn how to be a good teacher.

Instagram: oja.soja

Hola, my name is Arturo and I am from Spain 🇪🇦

I am going to colaborate with Active Woman Association in Democratic School “Wolno mi” in Gliwice.
I am a psychologist but i am fond of arts, music and cooking, hope to know all of you and have great time with each one. See you soon pals!!!🤗

Ciao! I am Carola, from Italy

this is my cat in Italy, Ciccio!

Hi everyone! I am 19 years old and I had just started to study in the university when the coronavirus alert broke out, therefore I have experienced – like all of us – a very strange year. So I decided to break the routine and to do something different, useful and important to get new chances and challenges and to experience concretely and directly the democratic living in Europe and in the world.

So, here I am! For the next eleven months, I will be volunteering in the Free School Ursynow in Warsaw with kids and adolescents, thanks to the project co-founded by the European Solidarity Corps.

I hope we could all meet and know better, but meanwhile I invite you to seize all the possible opportunities and to get out of your comfort zone… Because world is beautiful out there!!

Facebook: Carola Hiepnat Lanata´

Hola! I am Roger 🙂

Dzień dobry, my name is Roger. I am 23 years old. I am from Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain?). We could have an interesting conversation about politics and territorial feelings!

I have studied the Primary Education Degree, I’m in love with everything that is related to education.

I love playing the guitar, being in contact with nature and working with children.

During the next eleven months I will be participating as a volunteer in the Active Education project from the European Solidarity Corps, with the support from Active Women Association.

Actually, I am living in Łódź. I will be volunteering in a forest school in Borchówka, from Fundacja Dmuchawiec.

Ciao a tutti! Dzień dobry!

I’m Giulia from Italy and I’m 25 years old. I’ve just finished the university, I’m graduated in philosophy and sociology, but I’m very passionate about education.

Above all, I’m a scout. Volunteering is a bigger part of my life, indeed. I love spending my time for the wellbeing others, walking in the mountain, reading books and writing, especially I’ve a passion for dogs. Funny thing to know about me: I’m learning how to play harmonica! 😉

For the next 10 months, I’ll volunteer in the democratic school “Droga Wolna” in Szczecin. It’s the first time for me in Poland! 🙂

I’m so glad to be part of this project of European solidarity corps coordinated by Active Women Association because it’s the adventure I was looking for. It gives me the mission I lost and the opportunity to discover the beauty outside my comfort zone.

Last hike: difficult but always worthy 😉

If you want to contact me, these are my accounts:

Facebook: Giulia Roncagalli

Instagram: giuliaroncagalli


Dzień dobry! I’am Marc from Catalonia

Hi everybody:) My name is Marc and I’m 27 years old. I’ve grew up in a little village that’s called Collbató very near to the magical mountain: Montserrat! I’ve finished my psychologist degree in URV (Tarragona) and I have also formation as a musician, but not complete at all yet. I like to play the violin, to sing in chorus (I’m tenor) and for now I’m beginning to compose my own music. Relative to the psychology I’m very interested in psychology health and how to develop all potencial that humans have inside hoping to become a present reality. I like to show my passions and to share it with children. I will try to do it in my free democratic school: “Bullerbyn”. During this period of my volunteer experience, (that’s a little break on my life) I I hope to improve my English and Polish (Yes, I can!) and my pedagogical skills with children. I think that time is also good for me in order to decide my profesional future that for the moment is focused to to finish my musical studies and to teach music: violin and language music to the children.

If you want to contact me, these are my accounts:

Facebook: Marc Trias

Instagram: lowe_meola


Hi everybody! I am Chichak from Azerbaijan.

I m 21 years old and I am currently living in Baku,the capital of Azerbajan.I have graduated from Azerbaijan University of Languages and my major is translation from spanis to azerbaijani. I like reading books,watching a wide range of movies and playing football.

During this project I will work in special need school in Sosnowiec.I am so excited about that, because I love teching and learning and I think thanks to this project I can do both of them together.

Here I put my contacts:

instagram- chichakh7


Hello fellas!

I am Irene, a 23-years-old girl from Spain. I will be in Tychy, in the Wild School, being with the kids, doing activities with them and sharing experiences. I am very excited because I have a lot of ideas.
In my spare time I do sports, I draw and I watch films (or series, depending). If you like The Fight Club, I love you. I would like to do theatre in the future and urban art.
Iam passionate about music as well, makes feel alive.
I would like to meet you all.

Can you feel the Magic of Life?

Life… Four letters and whole our being in one word. It’s fantastic how the understanding of it changes every single day.

In my 22 years of being alive and live in this gravity, I have felt most different experiences, and one of the most challenging is to be here in Poland during the Pandemic and doing something really important.

The main thing in life starts when you start to fly in your dreams but then you are making big steps to realize them.

The last day of being in 🇵🇱 

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.

J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan

I went as a student in Poland twice but now I came back as a Volunteer And this time I want to change my ways of being an adult and being responsible for my adult life.

I will continue to fly in my goals and do everything for better me, better tomorrow, and better world.

Magda Matitaishvili

Volunteer at Fundacja Edukacji Demokratycznej Dmuchawiec, Lodz

Hello! გამარჯობა!
It’s Nazi ( yes, Nazi which means Gentrle, Beauty in Georgian😁) from Georgia, a volunteer from Free Democratic Bullerbyn school from Warsaw.
I came across the many troubles (because of the covid regulations) , fears, and long trips to gain new skills, connections, spread experience, get new things from life.
There are no borders and disabilities for the brave hart until we can take care of each other. This is what means to be a human, this is how love feels.♥️
I’m so happy to have this opportunity to meet volunteers around the world because i like to getting know with different types of cultures🌏💫
I’m so proud to be one of the volunteer and I really hope that this year will be full of emotions, love and sharing.😍
Fundacja Bullerbyn na rzecz wspólnoty dzieci i dorosłych
Wolna Szkoła Demokratyczna Bullerbyn

I’m Rossella and I’m from Sardinia, Italy, a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.I can’t wait to get to Poland and meet new people and the other volunteers.I’m really excited about working with children in Wolna Szkoła Przestrzeń in Krakow and getting to know the city and taste new food


It will be a wonderful experience!

Hello! I am sending you my first facebook post 😊Hi everyone ☺️! I am Sandra, a spanish girl 🇪🇦 I am volunteering in Beech House Natural School and Kindergarden in Mikołów, Poland Naturalne Przedszkole i Szkoła “Bukowy Dom”. I arrived from Spain two weeks ago and I have already started working in the school. I decided to participate in this project because I wanted to experience new things and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to grow as a person.I consider myself a really active and creative person, I really love nature 🌿 and everything related to music and I really enjoy playing the guitar and practicing all kind of sports.Sandra Verdés, Spain ✨#EUsolidaritycorpsThe project is co-financed by European Solidarity Corps

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