How air pollution affects to Georgia

Photo by Georgian Journal

Global warning and the polution affects to all the countries. Some countries suffer from the poluted water, droughs and femine, while in Georgia number 1 concern in the capital city is the air quality.

While population from that reside countriside cities like Batumi and Kobuleti often complain about poluted water in the sea, Air Quality Index isn’t bad. So I am confident to say that currently Georgia’s number one problem can be the poluted air in the major cities.

Judjing from my personal experience, I used to live in the small village for a few weeks and once I returned to my hometown Tbilisi, I couldn’t breath. I had feelings that air wasn’t fresh or good enough. Similarly one summer I walked in the square which was fullloaded with cars and people. I had to stop for a few second because I fel that I was about to faint from the lack of air.

Currenlty Tbilisi has AQI 153 which is unhealthy for many reasons. According to the data of the World Health Organization, Georgia ranks 70th for mortality caused by air pollution.

Number 1 reason for the poluted air is the abudant usage of mini-busses, cars and regulra bassess. Unlike the majority of Europe, Georgia doesn’t have bycicle roads and often it is dangerous to travel on road by bike. So even though more and more younger people refuse to purchase the car for the econmic reasons, the problem stands until the vast majority of the population will change their lifestyle.

In 2020 Tbilisi major Kakhi Kaladze intoruduced bus lines and completely re-enovated the main avenue of the capital city -Chavchavadze. The new transportation plan discourages people to travel by car and now, traveling by bus is faster and more comfortable.

Although was met with a huge backlash among the georgian drivers, many citizens refuse to take personal responsibility and thus it is small steps like that Tbilisi is taking to cleance air.

Nanuka from Georgia