My perception on climate change

Photo by Nasa

This week we started training about climate change and thanks to Greta, Al gore and even south park apologizing for making fun of climate change, it became a heated topic in today’s decade.

Personaly I’ve met a lot of people with different opinion about this topic. Some scientists around me think that global warning is natural and humans have little to no part in this. Some are very serious about this, and they go vegan not just not for the love of animals but for the sake of protecting our planet.

Personally I didn’t know what to think about climate change. I’ve heard about the issue in the middle school, and then in high school. Some documents even shocked me, but then one of my relatives dismissed global warning as just hoax and I bought for it.

Surprisingly what really made me think about global warning is south park. You know the show that makes fun of everyone and everything? Yeah controversy is their second. In 2003 they made fun of Al Gore and climate change, portraying him as lunatic who went in the streets like Homer Simpson way, ringing bell with the sign that says the end is near. And Climate change was compared to man-bear-pig, and said that global warning is just as bizzaree as men-bear-pig monster. Well just two years ago they appologized for making fun of Al Gore and they even apolgoized for making fun of this very sensitive topic.

You know when South Park apologizes than it’s no longer fun and giggles.

Personally a few years ago I visited countryside and air was so fresh but when I returnted to the capital I was choking from smog.

At the end though, climate change isn’t up to debate. It is a fact with official data and something that should be taken into consideration. And as it affects each and every one of us, it is our personal duty to take action.

Nanuka from Georgia