Chess is life _ Bobby Fischer_

In this article I want to expose and develop in what senses in my opinion that the life is related to the chess and how chess reflect some aspects of life. I have choose this title because was formulated for a man that perhaps is the best genius and controvertible person that history of chess have created: Bobby Fisher. I like very much to play chess and to observe all the processes involve: the motivation, the aspects of the personality and temperament, the process of maturation, the study, the different parts of a game.

First of all I want to say that I have learned a lot about myself and others only playing chess. I have seen a lot of parts of myself involve during my process to learn and developing my own chess. Learning to win, learning to loose, learning to begin, learning to finish, learning to attack and learning to defend. Learning to distribute well the time (knowing that a bad distribution of time can be a defeat).The chess have some rules and the life too. We can not omit the rules of life, the rules relative to the historical moment that we are living here and now. For example, it’s obvius that this pandemic covid-19 have changed some rules of our life. This implicit rules are the 64 squares of life. Some aspects of the history the wars, the strategies to try to win the other, and sometimes it’s a draw. The importance of the process making decision it’s also involved: It’s not the same a move seen by the intuition in two seconds than the accurate process of calculation. It’s not the same the deep reflexion of long game than a quick ches (1,3,5 minutes). It needs different approaches.

Chess is multidimensional: It is a game, It is a profession, it is a sport and can be art! and can be only pieces of wood. Can be a lot of things. And every day surprises to me with something new as a bottomless pit.

Marc &Bartek playing chess in “Bullerbyn” (Free democratic school)

Marc Trias

Easter time in my polish family

On Easter we always spend time with my grandparents. It’s really joyful.


Before Easter my mother always plant RZEŻUCHA (cress). It’s a small green plan that we are eating on Easter. Me and my brother every year are coloring and painting eggs. We do it as we want and we are eating the eggs which we prepared before. In shops you can find a “T-shirt for eggs”. It’s made from plastic and it was some easter drawings, you have to just “dress up” the egg in this, put it to hot water and it will stick to the egg.

TIP: when you want to color an egg naturally you can boil them with a dry covering of an onion. If you want them to be purple or dark pink – you should boil eggs with beetroot. Gold color you can get if you add turmeric to boiling water. Spinach will give green color to the egg’s shell.


KOSZYCZEK WIELKANOCNY/ŚWIĘCONKA (Easter bucket): usually we are putting there salt, slice of bread, meat, lamb (it’s a cake made in a lamb shape), horseradish, butter  and of course eggs, which we prepared before. A day before Easter (so on Holy Saturday) we are going to the church and the priest is blessing easter buckets.

Also day before Easter my mother sometimes is making PASCHA. It’s sweet dish like a dessert.

Recipe for Pascha:


  • 1 kilo of white cheese
  • 250 g of butter
  • 1 cup of powder sugar
  • 1 packet of vanilla sugar
  • ½ spoon of lemon skin
  • 5 yolks
  • 50 g almonds (pilled)
  • 50 g of dry figs or apricot
  • 100 g of raisins
  • Carmelised orange
  • Optionally one spoon of alcohol

Mix butter with powder sugar, vanilla sugar and lemon skin until you get smooth cream. Then one by one gently mixing you have to add egg yolks. Now you can add white cheese. Then you have to but dried fruits and nuts (if you are adding alcohol you have to put raisins in alcohol and then soak them). All this cream you have to put on kitchen leno above the bowl and cover it by plate. You have to leave it in the fridge for whole night. After night you have to just take cream off on a plate. Ready to eat!

On Easter Sunday I eat a breakfast with my family. We are eating those food from Easter bucket + cress, sausages, more bread and some vegetables.

When we are visiting our family on Easter we are bringing them an egg and we share it (like Christmas wafer on Christmas time :)) and we are eating common lunch. My granny is making horseradish soup but I don’t like it, UGH!

When I was young an Easter bunny was hiding me gifts in the garden and every year I had to looking for them. It was so much fun for me but it was really difficult to find sometimes. We are keeping this tradition till now. Of course now I know that my grandparents were hiding those gifts 😀

Something about ŚMIGUS-DYNGUS (So Easter Monday)

We have tradition that people are throwing a water on each other as a symbol of joy and happiness (usually boys are throwing water on girls which they like). Nowadays everybody are doing that for fun 😀 It was always a lot of mess when we were doing that in a house and we had to wipe the floor and my mother was screaming that we are destroying the house hahaha! You can use a bucket to this or buy special water pistols in a store. Try it! It’s only legal occasion to do that and nobody will be that mad to be wet ;p but better do it outside 🙂

Did you like polish easter tradition? Try everything, it’s so special 🙂

Martyna from Poland, volunteer in Special Need School no 4 in Sosonowiec



The pyramid scheme

Hey, it is Ondra!

In this article, I would like to discuss the topic that I recently found very interesting- it is the Pyramid scheme. I have chosen this theme because I don´t see as much warning against these dangers in the news or in schools. I hope to convince you not to enter into this working sphere, especially since these companies with pyramid schemes are focused on young people who wants to get rich quickly.

In February, I received an invitation from one friend from the Czech Republic to a YouTube video. She said, she started to work on a travel project and as she saw I love travelling, I could be interested in this. Therefore, I watched this video where they boasted that you could have passive income soon. You invite other people to use a link for a travel website, which according to them has better prices than For each person that books a hotel, you get money. The problem is that those better prices are on those most expensive hotels and for example, I won´t order anything from that website.

Another thing was that with the same project, they started to sell some products for nose aroma, which seemed rather stupid to me. Your work would be also to sell these products to your friends. It is not all because at the beginning you have to pay around 600€ to buy yourself the position to sell these products. You have to send more links for the travelling website; you also have to find somebody for your team.

It turned out that my friend wanted me to be a part of her team, that´s why she sent me the video. She told me if I want to meet with her friend who will tell me more about it. I said I have no need for money now and I do not want to do this. She tried to send me more messages and talk me into it but I said “No” for a second time. Then I ignored everything she wrote to me.

Let me recapitulate for you how to decide that something is weird about the work. First, they offer you passive income but you have to work. It is up to you how much you work but if you don´t, you can end up with no money at all. They organise seminars for their members for “education“, which wash your brain instead. You have to search for the clients yourself and you have to sell them the products.

Why is it called a pyramid scheme? Because at the beginning there are a few rich people who don´t have to work to earn money, under them, there are people who earn less. Under those people, there can be people who just put the money at the beginning and have no income at all. Nobody will tell you at the beginning if you are the person who will become rich. However, even if so, you will become rich thanks to the people who work under you.

The last word from me would be that you should always search for a job that will help people and make you feel fulfilled. If you will join these pyramid selling companies, you might start to find out that people hate you because you can´t stop offering them all the good products that will certainly help them.

Ondra from Our Good School in Katowice.

#EUSolidarityCorps #ActiveWomenAssociation

(the project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps)

First week in Poland: Zapiekanki, Architecture and some more

Getting to Gliwice in the time of COVID appeared to be harder than I imagined: a COVID test, 9 hours stuck in the airport, 2 sleepless nights, and here I am!

Gliwice, Poland

During the very first day of my stay, I did what every volunteer is obliged to: the sacred ceremony of the first Zapiekanka, and I can confirm all the legends about it: it really is amazing! 🤤

The city I’m living in, Gliwice, is a small one, but it has amazing architecture and some memorable buildings.

Gliwice, Poland

Apart from getting to know Gliwice, I managed to visit Katowice and Sosnowiec, and made some memorable shots of the cities.

Katowice, Poland
Sosnowiec, Poland

For the following months, I’ll keep you updated with pictures from the cities I visit, and the buildings that impress me, so follow me for an architectural overview of Poland 🙂

Knarik, a volunteer from Armenia in Gliwice

The project is co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps.

My nightmare came true

Hello from my trip to Cracow. This is Ondra, who just before the quarantine fulfilled one of his nightmares. If you ever wondered what happens when you come to a paid highway without any money, listen carefully.

I choose on my navigation to go on the road from Sosnowiec to Cracow without going on the highway. However, I have forgotten to change in the setting that I want to avoid tools. So, at one moment, when I couldn´t turn to the right, the navigation changed its direction towards the high way. I did not realise it until I saw the sign- paid highway to Cracow.

Ok, I thought to myself, one time I can afford to pay the toll. Unfortunately, while I was waiting in the queue, I found out that I had no wallet in my pocket. I started to search, but as I couldn´t find anything, I gave up and prepared myself to face the woman behind the cash register. It is my turn I see how the window slowly goes down, I hear myself in a Czech-Polish tell the women I don´t have anything. I see her face clearly; she is very calm and says I should search more without any stress.

I try my best yet fail, so I look at her and tell her I have nothing to give her. She says she cannot let me pass without paying. Therefore, I tell her what other option do I have. She shrugs her shoulders and says nothing. So, I try to find some app with which I could pay. I do not know how much time has already passed while my mind has reached the highest level of panic. Here comes one guy from the car that I successfully blocked.

He goes to the woman and angrily asks her what has been happening. She responds that I have no money. The driver looks at me: “You idiot, how can you come to a highway without having any money.” I am not in a mood to say anything in Polish, so he says: “wypjerdalaj!” He talks more stupid angry things but turns to the woman and says he will pay it. Then he looks at me, asks and puts his hand to my window, but give me something in return. I say przepraszam (sorry) and tell him I can send the money to his account. He repeats wypjerdalaj again, and shows me to go to hell away from him before he kicks me in the ass. All this mental fight was caused only by 12 zlotys. (2€)

So, I went on, but I was so scared that there will be another terminal on my way that I turned after 30 km and went to breathe a bit of fresh air at the gas station. For the next time, I will have some money hidden in my phone, just in case of an emergency. I advise you the same thing. Sometimes growing up give as some pain before we learn.

Ondra from Our Good School in Katowice

#EUSolidarityCorps #ActiveWomenAssociation

(The project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps)

What we can learn from Janusz Korczak?

Hej, it’s Martyna.

Last time I got deeper in life of really famous teacher and writer Janusz Korczak. I am spending every day with kids. His books and tips that he is giving to teachers and parents are really important and timeless. 

Janusz Korczak was famous pedagogist with Jewish roots. His write works were known even in another countries. He was writing for adult people and also fairy tales for kids. 

Korczak was writing a lot about children’s rights:

1. Children’s right to be what they are

2. Children’s right to the present day

3. Children’s right to respect

Every adult, especially teacher and parent as an authority for kids should respect children’s rights. Basic needs of kids will not change, they was and will be the same. Every kid needs to feel secure, feel loved and be happy. 

First right is about child’s individuality, character, interests, difficulties and talents. About letting the kid be itself and supporting in everything. Korczak was writing that sometimes we are meeting with situation of creating “perfect human” begging from the childhood. We want the kid to be able to do everything that we just taught him. To understand from the first time, and know things without even hearing about this knowledge before. Every fail is punished and it’s always kid’s fault. Acting like this we are missing the goal. Without patience, empathy and understanding we won’t create confident, open, brave and happy human. We always have to take care of the child. Make to him conditions to properly development. We should support the kid with discovering talents and fighting the difficulties. 

“Child is a foreigner, he doesn’t understand language, he doesn’t know directions of the streets, he doesn’t know the law and lifeway. Sometimes he prefers to watch on his own. When he has doubts, he’s asking for a tip and advice. He needs a guide, who gently will answer the question”. This quote of Janusz Korczak gives adults right way to breed a kid. Adult should stay behind the kid and even in front of him. Adult should be next to the kid. I think it’s the right place. We should let the kid take our hand and discover the world with him, look on everything with kid’s eyes.

Children’s right to the present day teaching the adult to let a kid make a decision about activity he want to do during the day. We should respect natural desire of kids to discover. They can remember things better if they experience that. Somethimes 15 minutes of kids own activiti is giving better results than boring sitting in front of the board in school. Kids should decide on their own about things they will manage. Then kids will feel that they have life in their hands, a control. They will be more confident and it also teach them the consequences of decisions. 

About children’s right to respect Korczak is writing a lot. He mentioned about respect to children’s ignorance, failure and tears, property and budget and secrets. If we are teaching the kid a respect for adults, we should also have a respect to kid. We should show the children that we are on the same level, not above them. They are like a monkeys. They are repeating our behavior. So they will treat us as we treat them. 

Every pedagogist, adult and parent should respect all those rights. Korczak in his books showing us how to deal with little human. How to talk, how to behave, how to treat.

In my opinion every adult should save his inner kid. At least part of it. Because we will be able to understand kids better, get into their world. Korczak was writing the books basing on his life, his experience with pupils. 

To Korczak’s books i always come back with pleasure and it gives me new hope and more positive power to work with children.

Martyna from Poland, volunteer in Special Need School no 4 in Sosnowiec



feeling myself in the right path

Sometimes, taking a break looks like a wise and the right decision. While to others, seems like a waste of time. Could I sound pretentious but I was totally these second kind of person. Always proud of my quick and solid decisions. After finishing Bachelor? straight to the University.

I didn’t take even a second to think about it. I was absolutely certain that I wanted to be a journalist. Maybe that’s my problem. I am so sure about my choices, but because I didn’t think about anything else, about other possible options. Or maybe because I was unable to look beyond what the system was telling me to do.

Then, while studying the first year the doubts came. but instead of stop and take a deep breath, I kept going. Lots of friends quit the University or just took a year to decide what they really wanted to do. And I always thought that this option wasn’t for me.

So, after 5 years I finished my degree and I became a journalist. While having always this feeling that something was wrong. Because outside was always something more. Somewhere else to go, something else to explore, to discover to learn about it.

Graphic design, photography, content curator, content creator, audiovisual communication, audiovisual animator, copywriter, photojournalist, musical journalist, art director… Is just thinking about all this possible options and I have this overwhelming feeling…

Well, 5 years ago I didn’t take a deep breath but that’s what I am doing now. It’s difficult to see your friends studying the Masters and working on their professional fields, while you just had stop your career. But I couldn’t forgive me of making the same mistake once again.

Now, I am working on the photography field, creating audiovisual publications and running an Instagram profile. Developing my design and aesthetic instinct while learning more visual and digital tools. I am growing in a professional way, but the most important thing, I am re-discovering my real interested and professional passions.

I am not scared anymore of the future, because this present is giving me the mental tools and the knowledge to fight against it. The patient to focus on my real and long-term needs and not in my current and transient ones. Because doesn’t matter If I take one or two years to decide what Master I want to do, because at the end, it’s gonna be the right one.

Hope all of you are not afraid of stopping everything for a sec. and look into your soul to feeling yourself in peace, walking in the right path 😊 Feeling happy and grateful of doing something that I thought I’ve never could have the chance to do!!

I leave you here some design publications that I’ve made during February for the In situ Foundation!

Paula, Spanish volunteer at Sokolowsko 🌷

Project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps.

Głazy krasnoludów – Dwarf boulders

The reserve is located in Zawory – the north-western part of the Stołowe Mountains, in the Central Sudetes, on the slope of a forested hill, by the Jawiszówka stream, about 2.0 km south-east of Gorzeszów. It was established in 1970 by an order of the Minister of Forestry and Wood Industry (Monitor Polski of 1970, No. 25, item 210 9). It is a reserve with an area of ​​9.04 ha, created to protect rock formations and rare species of protected plants and natural plant communities. The reserve was established mainly to preserve and protect natural forms of weathering of sandstone from the Upper Cretaceous age. There are Gorzeszów Skałki, forming forms resembling figures, walls, towers, mushrooms, animals, made of sandstone and marls carved by water. The uprising is defined as the time of the Upper Cretaceous, i.e. 70-100 million years ago. Like other nearby rock outcrops, the Dwarf Boulders are also lumps of sandstone eroded by the sun, water and wind. There is a car park and a shelter next to the rocks. Visiting Gorzeszowskie Skałki does not require any technical skills.

Izabela, volunteer of European Solidarity Corps in In Situ Foundation in Sokolowsko.This project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps.#EuropeanSolidarityCorps

It is worth seeing vol. 3

Wrocław is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. I spent several weeks there and I can say that I know the city quite well. I will recommend you some places that I really enjoyed.

  1. City of Dwarfs is one of the names under which Wrocław can be found. One of the ideas for spending an interesting day in Wrocław can be a hike along the trail of Wrocław dwarves. To see them, you do not have to make much effort as there are almost 400 of them and they are located in different parts of the city. 
  1. The Market Square in Wrocław is one of the most beautiful old town squares in Poland, and one of the largest in Europe. Beautiful architecture, atmospheric tenement houses, many restaurants and places worth visiting make it the most popular attraction in Wrocław. The most valuable monument is the Old Town Hall, which is the largest and oldest town hall in Poland. If you’re curious to see the square from above, make sure to climb the tower of the Gothic Basilica of St Elizabeth, located behind the townhouses. 
  1. The Racławice Panorama is the largest existing painting in Poland. The monumental work, 15 metres high and 114 metres long, surprises with its size and the realism of the scenes depicted.  Jan Styka, Wojciech Kossak and other painters spent nine months in the years 1893-1894 creating a work that takes us back to 4 April 1794. We are transported to the battlefield of Racławice and watch the troops under the command of Tadeusz Kościuszko win over the Russians.
  1. The Centennial Hall (German: Jahrhunderthalle) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Poland. It is considered to be one of the most important works of 20th century world architecture. It is also one of the symbols of Wrocław, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Colosseum in Rome. Next to it is a garden with fountains and a Japanese garden. 

Wrocław is a magical city and even just walking through the streets or by the river should give you plenty of entertainment.

Dominika, polish volunteer, In Situ Foundation



Market Square in Wroclaw, view from the tower of St. Elizabeth Basilica in Wroclaw

It has always been me.

One Sunday in February I went to the park, it was sunny and people have finally come out of their dens. Although everything was so white that it seemed motionless, life has begun to flow around me. As I stood in line for my coffee, I watched the lives of others, their movements, listened to their incomprehensible speeches, and I noticed that the color of the roses and the heart-shaped balloons broke the white of the snow. In fact, I realized that it was Valentine’s Day. A girl caught my attention: she walked among the people, with a white rose in her hand and a smile that only God knows how much I was envying her. Who knows if she bought it or someone gave it to her. Actually, I didn’t care much, she was happy and definitely in love. For me, this girl was like the madelaine for Proust: she suddenly opened the door of memories, which I usually keep tightly closed.

I’ve been getting a present from my boyfriend for almost eleven years. A flower, a chocolate or a book. It is not that he does them for me only on the 14th of February, but here, for Valentine’s Day he has never forgotten. To be honest, I’ve never noticed it, or rather, I’ve always taken that little attention for granted. If only I had first dwelt on the meaning of the gestures of love, I would have saved myself a lot of pain. Immersed in my thoughts, I continued walking through the streets of Szczecin until I came across a flower shop. The shop is small and is right on the street, the two florists greeted me from inside and in a second, I decided to buy two white roses. One for me, the other for my roommate.

It is the first rose I give myself and perhaps it is the first gift I give to myself in a long time. The gifts have always been given to me by others and when they asked me “what do you want for Christmas? And for the birthday? ”, I never had the answer. At first, I thought it was the pleasure of surprise, of seeing what they thought I wanted, but today I think differently. Perhaps I have never been able to answer because I actually did not have the answer. I have this habit of never knowing what I want and not because I don’t think about it or because I live for the day, but simply because I prefer things to happen to me. Much less responsibility, you know? Deciding what you really want requires a deep knowledge about yourself and self-confidence. Stating what you need in front of people requires a deep connection to your true inner self. I believed, thanks to my school and NVC trainings with amazing people, I was in a good point. Maybe, yes, most of the time. But, when it comes to the people I love and feel inside me, the clarity that usually distinguishes me, still disappears. I loose the empathy with myself, focusing only on others. I feel responsible for everything they do or say, as if they depend on me. While I was blaming others to put on my shoulders responsibilities, I figured out that it was me. It has always been me reproaching, blaming myself for everything. I was so tired about taking others as my responsibilities that I didn’t have energy to take responsibility of myself, but overall, to care about me! Now, that I’am here, this way isn’t working anymore so it’s time to move on. Time to forgive myself for expecting to worry about things clearly beyond me, to thank old Giulia – because despite all this, she did great – and openly greet the new one. Or better, the one that I always have been but I preferred to hide since I was too scared. Be gentle with myself now, connecting with my trues needs and caring about them is still delicate and I need practice, if I want to thrive my relationships. This white rose may be the beginning. May I have the girl’s smile in Jasne Blonia everyday as I love me. So that, I may have empathy for others.

Giulia from Italy, volunteer in Skoła Demokratyczna Droga Wolna in Szczecin.

Project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps.