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The odyssey of the guy who ended up in Warsaw

     Have you ever experienced a real adventure? Do you have a trip you can’t forget? Are you one of those who are looking for new challenges?
If so, I invite you to read this article, I invite you to discover my journey.


      First of all, ¡¡HOLA A TODOS!!!! I am Jesús Gómez, from Murcia, Spain.
I studied Economics in Spain. Then I was working in a consulting company. Unfortunately my English was very bad. So I moved to Dublin to learn English and work there. I learned a lot in Ireland. Not only English, but I also found myself. I discovered my innermost passions. I realised that I liked to travel and meet new personalities, explore this world, or get involved in new projects. I discovered me. That was the moment I decided to become a European Solidarity Corps volunteer, the moment that changed my life. Fortunately, I was selected for the “Alternative Education” project with the NGO Active Women Association. So I was sent as a volunteer to the Bullerbyn Democratic School in Warsaw (Poland).

Bullerbyn Democratic School in Warsaw, Poland.


Meeting with students and teachers






     What attracted me most when I arrived in Poland was its beauty, its climate and its people. Because yes, for a Spaniard landing in Warsaw is something new. You have to adapt to the fresh air and the culture of the country. I found the Polish people wonderful and friendly. The first day at Bullerbyn School was something I will never forget. My tutor introduced me to all the students and all the staff. She behaved with me in an extraordinary way, I even noticed unconditional love and passion for volunteering from her. She told us volunteers how we could help in the school and gave us all the support we needed to do so. My task as a volunteer was to run English and Spanish workshops for the children. Apart from this, the volunteers also participate in the daily activities of the school, such as helping the teachers on excursions, workshops, activities or special events that the school organises.

     The other two volunteers of the project, who are also my flatmates, Kubra and Vusal, helped me in everything I needed. Fortunately, we understand each other perfectly and make a magical team. Every day I soak up more and more of their knowledge and their way of being. I learn new values and new ideas from both of them. Because this is also part of volunteering, creating value with people from other countries, living with them and overcoming all obstacles. I love them as if I had given birth to them.

Tutoring with volunteers

      At the end of September I did a training with other volunteers from Poland. The aim of this training was to learn more about what it is to be a volunteer, how to deal with winter in Poland and to meet new people. We had an unforgettable week full of non-formal lessons, meals, parties and empathy for each other.

Training together with other volunteers from Poland.

     Later came the winter months, thanks to the school children we have been kept warm and entertained! As always, we continue to learn from them, and they from us. A time full of excursions with the children. Pharmaceutical museum, military forts, heated swimming pools, ice skating, rock museum or football matches – these kids can’t get enough! I speak more and more Polish, and they speak more and more Spanish and English. They speak more English than I speak Polish, but I’m still learning…. We keep on adding good moments!

Excursions with the children


Pharmaceutical Museum

Jesús, from Spain, a European Solidarity Corps volunteer at the Bullerbyn Democratic School in Warsaw (Poland).

“Project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps”

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Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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