Sharing my culture and traditions with Wolno Mi

Since we arrived in Poland, the kids and mentors from school have been asking about the Catalan and Spanish culture and traditions. My culture is something really important for me, and now that I am far from home, I miss it quite a lot. Thus, being able to share some cultural traditions with the kids in the school is really important for me, and I believe it can be really positive for them. With Ari, we have had the opportunity to do some cultural workshops.

Our first activity was with the oldest group. We prepared a game with different traditions like food, dancing, sport… It was one of our first workshops and seeing them enjoying was amazing. They were really engaged and were surprised by some traditions. We taught them how to dance “sardanes” (a traditional Catalan dance), we ate 12 grapes pretending to celebrate New Year’s Eve and we did a human pyramid after having shown them the Human Towers or as we say in Catalan, “castellers”.

In December, in order to explain and celebrate some Catalan Christmas traditions, we did one online workshop for the Primary group and we celebrated the “Caga Tió” (which literally means pooping lock) with the Preschool kids. Our idea was to do it all together at school, but because of the Covid-19 we had to change plans and do it online with the oldest ones. We prepared a quiz in order to explain to them some Spanish and Catalan Christmas traditions. It was really funny because they were surprised by most of them. Luckily, we could do my favourite tradition at school with the smallest kids. In Catalonia, on the 24th of December we hit a wood lock singing a present and it poops presents. I know it sounds weird, but I love it. Kids were amazed by this tradition and were really excited to do it. First, we explained to them what it was and we taught them the song in Catalan. After lunch, we were able to hit the “Caga Tió” and it pooped some sweets. It was an amazing experience and I loved sharing these traditions with them.

Alba from Catalunya, volunteer in Wolno Mi in Gliwice

This project is co-founded by European Solidarity Corps

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Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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