New home, new decorations

Hey it’s Ari

It has been already four months since I got to Poland and since I started living in Gliwice with Alba. Ever since we got here, we decided that it was important for us to make the flat feel like home and so we started decorating it. First, we started with pictures that we had from back home from our families and friends. We also used some of the decorations that were already on the flat and used remodeled them to fit with what we were looking for.

After these it was Albas’ birthday and so I added some decoration to make it prettier and more festive. That was in October but to be honest the decorations of her birthday are still up, and we are loving it. Next it came Halloween, and we decorated the flat with some spiders, Halloween stickers and Halloween accessories.

Furthermore, at school we have a ceramics class and so we started creating different figures that represented our time in Poland and those things that we love about Catalonia and our friends. Ever since that we have a mixture of figures from two A to represent the first letter of both of our names to a snail that represents Alba’s town.

Apart from all of that we have also created a small section of FRIENDS on top our sofa. There we created the logo of the series using some black and colored cardboard. Under it we are pasting all the pictures of the friends that we have had over to our flat and that took a picture with us in that sama couch.

Finally there is my favorite decoration, ever since we got here there was a wall where all the photos of the previous volunteers use to be, because of that we decide that we also wanted to do it. In there we have around 20 photos from the trips we have made around Poland, from our favorite places in Gliwice or some pictures of friends that we have really like and wanted to keep with us.

Now you are provably wondering what we are going to do next. Well we have decided that we will replace the drawings that are on the wall which we don’t really find amusing with some new ones that we will create.

Ari from Catalonia, In Wolno Mi a democratic School in Gliwice

This project is co-founded by European Solidarity Corps

#EurpeanSolidarityCorps #ActiveWomanAssociation

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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