Lower Silesia

For a year I lived in Lower Silesia near the Czech border in the small town Sokołowsko. During this year, I have had the opportunity to get to know the surrounding area quite well, which is regarded in Poland as one of the most beautiful and attractive for tourists.

The main city of Lower Silesia is Wroclaw, considered one of the prettiest, and near the border we have the Sudeten mountains, which are the second largest mountains in Poland. For a year we were surrounded by them, deep greenery, fields, meadows and various animals such as deer, mufflons or even wolves (fortunately we did not meet them).

We tried to travel as much as possible and explore the surrounding towns. We travelled to larger towns such as Świdnica with its amazing old town and monthly antique market, and Kłodzko with one of the oldest town halls. We also saw smaller villages – Chelmsko Slaskie with eleven small houses for flax weavers or Kamieniec Ząbkowski with the Palace of Marianna Orańska. We also tried to hike a bit in the mountains, including a visit to Karpacz, with its wonderful Wang Temple, overlooking you can see Sniezka, the highest mountain in the Sudety Mountains.

Lower Silesia is beautiful, full of greenery, old buildings and history worth knowing. I am glad that I could spend a year there and get to know as much as I could.

Dominika, polish volunteer In Situ Foundation in Sokołowsko

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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