Kraków – my favourite place in Poland

Hello! In this article I want to share with you my experience and knowledge about Cracow. I think it’s a charming and beautiful place, for sure worth to visit at least once!

My story with Cracow began when I was a little girl. I would say that it’s my family tradition to go every year to this city with my family. When my mother was young they were visiting our family members and spend whole day with them. I have never met them but my granny was telling me stories about my aunts and uncles from Cracow. Now I can only visit them on Rakowicki Cemetary (it’s one of the biggest Cemetary in Cracow and a lot of well known people are buried there, for example very good poetess – Wisława Szymborska). Then we were going to café and ate ice cream. We were taking a walk on market square, watched beautiful things in Sukiennice, such as jewelery especially with amber, handmade wooden and painted boxes in folk style and souvenirs.

Every time we had to go to Dragon’s Cave which enter is next to the Wawel Castle (way down has about 140 steps – I was counting it as a kid always). 

Sometimes we were taking a trip on Wisła river (it’s taking from 30 minutes to 1 hour). Two times I was on Kościuszko Mound – really nice view. You can see almost whole city from this place – I also recommend that. On the market square it’s underground museum – I have never been there but It looks nice and interesting. you can check an offer and photos on this website.

Between a castle and market square you can find a building where lived our polish pope – Jan Paweł II. You will recognize it by his photo, polish flag and pope flag (it’s yellow and white).

As I remember every year near to the center were a lot of people in costumes – many different ones! For example woman wear all in silver or gold, clowns etc, everyone had interesting and catching-eye uniforms. They didn’t move – only when you wanted take photo with them and put some coin in their hat J. Usually in the center or near to the monument of a dragon there are some attractions for the youngest tourists like soap bubbles.

Near to the castle you can see a knight and take a photo with him. Last time I also heard 2 men singing and wearing folk, traditional costumes. It’s really climatic and you can feel an old Cracow style.

On Grocka street is a lot of interesting places – mostly café and candy shop.

1. Candy factory – there you can see the process of making candy and buy some for yourself.

2. Harry Potter café – if you haven’t been there and you are a fan of this story – you totally should go there! Next to every coffee table you can see a picture of wizards from Harry Potter, and when you are ordering you should tell to a waitress with which wizard you are sitting J You can buy there a fortune cookie and play some games which are available in the bar. I will not say more – discover on your own when you will have an opportunity 🙂

3. I don’t remember the name of this place but… I’ll add a picture of this shop. It’s also candy shop and when you will enter, a lady will give you paper bag and you can pt in there every candy which are in this shop and mix. 100g costs 12zł. Jelly, lollypops, chocolates! Magical place for those ones who have sweet tooth.

Curiosities about Cracow:

1. Cracow was a capital of Poland from 1038 to 1596

2. You can hear a bugle call every hour from Mariacki church (Iheard that new bugler is needed there, every year it was a man, but last time one woman wanted to take that job. Bravo!)

3. About 200 thousands of citizens are students from all over the world!

4. Market square in Cracow is the biggest one in Poland

5. In 1993 in Cracow “Shindler’s list” have been recorded

Greetings guys!

Martyna from Poland, volunteer in Special Need School no 4 in Sosnowiec




Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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