Day of the Canary Islands

Above any hobbie, passion or desire, is the feeling of consider myself an Islander. I think that there’s no bigger love in this world than the one that the Canarian people has for their Archipielago (8 Islands).

This past Sunday 30th was the Day of the Canary Islands which represents that beloved desire of the Canaries for having a greater political representation and autonomy in the country.

The 30 of May of 1983 was the first of the sessions of the Parliament of Canarias, celebrated in Santa Cruz, the capital of the Tenerife island. This was the starting point to give greater voice and vote to the Canary Islands in Spain.

During that days, the children become protagonists of the commemoration, dressing with their finest typical costumes and offering tastings of the most delicious dishes and wines of the islands.

The native flora and fauna are also a primordial part of their exhibitions and highlight information of interest around the perfect climate of this paradise.

Feels quite sad to not be this day at home, ‘case since I was 17 years old I’ve been living away from the Islands but somehow, I managed to be all 30th of May at my beautiful Gran Canaria 🥰

To celebrate the birth of the most beautiful place in the world (heheh) I’ll leave you here the recipe for a very easy but tasty typical canarian meal, “papas arrugadas con mojo” (wrinkled potatoes with spicy pepper sauce). Won’t taste like if a Canary has prepared it.. but there’s nothing to lose 😉

link to the English version recipe in Youtube:

Here I’ll leave also some analog photos that I’ve been taken during my vacations at home ❤

My house in Gran Canaria
Typical Canarian view (Gran Canaria)
La Gomera
Garajonay National Park (La Gomera)

Hope you have like the photos 🙂

Paula, Spanish volunteer in Sokolowsko

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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