It is worth seeing vol. 5

Świdnica is one of the most important cities in Lower Silesia. It is a beautifully preserved gem with beautiful townhouses, cobbled streets and churches built even in the 17th century. Due to the fact that as volunteers we live nearby we are there quite often. And thanks to this I can show you how wonderful this place is.

  1. Town Hall – Taking into account the number of monuments within the Old Town, Świdnica is second only to Wrocław in Lower Silesia. In the middle of the square, surrounded by beautiful tenement houses, stands the town hall with a town hall tower. Its history is very turbulent, dating back to 1393 or even earlier. Destroyed, burned and rebuilt several times, it has survived to the present day. Today you can climb it and enjoy the panorama of the city.
  2. Kościół Pokoju pw. Świętej Trójcy – Holy Trinity Church of Peace – The Church of Peace in Świdnica is the most recognisable monument of Świdnica inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The church can accommodate up to 7,500 worshippers, making it the largest wooden church in Europe. As many as 27 entrances lead to it.
  3. Katedra św. Stanisława i św. Wacława – Cathedral of St. Stanislav and St. Wenceslas – Seen from the vantage point on the town hall tower, the cathedral looks like a giant ship sailing through the low, monotonous buildings of the city. The construction of the cathedral was started in 1330 by Bolko II, Duke of Świdnica. In 1488, the roofing of the church was completed.The cathedral can boast the highest church tower in Lower Silesia, measuring 101.5 metres.
  4. Once a month, on the first Sunday of the month, there is always an antique market, you can find everything there! From old cameras, clothes, furniture to totally amazing jewellery and paintings and handmade works. The market is huge, taking up the entire space of the old town square, stretching along the side streets and going beyond. It is very popular and always full of people.

I invite you to visit Świdnica and get to know other cities in Lower Silesia!!!!

Dominika, polish volunteer, In Situ Foundation in Sokołowsko

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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