Chess is life _ Bobby Fischer_

In this article I want to expose and develop in what senses in my opinion that the life is related to the chess and how chess reflect some aspects of life. I have choose this title because was formulated for a man that perhaps is the best genius and controvertible person that history of chess have created: Bobby Fisher. I like very much to play chess and to observe all the processes involve: the motivation, the aspects of the personality and temperament, the process of maturation, the study, the different parts of a game.

First of all I want to say that I have learned a lot about myself and others only playing chess. I have seen a lot of parts of myself involve during my process to learn and developing my own chess. Learning to win, learning to loose, learning to begin, learning to finish, learning to attack and learning to defend. Learning to distribute well the time (knowing that a bad distribution of time can be a defeat).The chess have some rules and the life too. We can not omit the rules of life, the rules relative to the historical moment that we are living here and now. For example, it’s obvius that this pandemic covid-19 have changed some rules of our life. This implicit rules are the 64 squares of life. Some aspects of the history the wars, the strategies to try to win the other, and sometimes it’s a draw. The importance of the process making decision it’s also involved: It’s not the same a move seen by the intuition in two seconds than the accurate process of calculation. It’s not the same the deep reflexion of long game than a quick ches (1,3,5 minutes). It needs different approaches.

Chess is multidimensional: It is a game, It is a profession, it is a sport and can be art! and can be only pieces of wood. Can be a lot of things. And every day surprises to me with something new as a bottomless pit.

Marc &Bartek playing chess in “Bullerbyn” (Free democratic school)

Marc Trias

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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