The pyramid scheme

Hey, it is Ondra!

In this article, I would like to discuss the topic that I recently found very interesting- it is the Pyramid scheme. I have chosen this theme because I don´t see as much warning against these dangers in the news or in schools. I hope to convince you not to enter into this working sphere, especially since these companies with pyramid schemes are focused on young people who wants to get rich quickly.

In February, I received an invitation from one friend from the Czech Republic to a YouTube video. She said, she started to work on a travel project and as she saw I love travelling, I could be interested in this. Therefore, I watched this video where they boasted that you could have passive income soon. You invite other people to use a link for a travel website, which according to them has better prices than For each person that books a hotel, you get money. The problem is that those better prices are on those most expensive hotels and for example, I won´t order anything from that website.

Another thing was that with the same project, they started to sell some products for nose aroma, which seemed rather stupid to me. Your work would be also to sell these products to your friends. It is not all because at the beginning you have to pay around 600€ to buy yourself the position to sell these products. You have to send more links for the travelling website; you also have to find somebody for your team.

It turned out that my friend wanted me to be a part of her team, that´s why she sent me the video. She told me if I want to meet with her friend who will tell me more about it. I said I have no need for money now and I do not want to do this. She tried to send me more messages and talk me into it but I said “No” for a second time. Then I ignored everything she wrote to me.

Let me recapitulate for you how to decide that something is weird about the work. First, they offer you passive income but you have to work. It is up to you how much you work but if you don´t, you can end up with no money at all. They organise seminars for their members for “education“, which wash your brain instead. You have to search for the clients yourself and you have to sell them the products.

Why is it called a pyramid scheme? Because at the beginning there are a few rich people who don´t have to work to earn money, under them, there are people who earn less. Under those people, there can be people who just put the money at the beginning and have no income at all. Nobody will tell you at the beginning if you are the person who will become rich. However, even if so, you will become rich thanks to the people who work under you.

The last word from me would be that you should always search for a job that will help people and make you feel fulfilled. If you will join these pyramid selling companies, you might start to find out that people hate you because you can´t stop offering them all the good products that will certainly help them.

Ondra from Our Good School in Katowice.

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Author: European Volunteers in Poland

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