My nightmare came true

Hello from my trip to Cracow. This is Ondra, who just before the quarantine fulfilled one of his nightmares. If you ever wondered what happens when you come to a paid highway without any money, listen carefully.

I choose on my navigation to go on the road from Sosnowiec to Cracow without going on the highway. However, I have forgotten to change in the setting that I want to avoid tools. So, at one moment, when I couldn´t turn to the right, the navigation changed its direction towards the high way. I did not realise it until I saw the sign- paid highway to Cracow.

Ok, I thought to myself, one time I can afford to pay the toll. Unfortunately, while I was waiting in the queue, I found out that I had no wallet in my pocket. I started to search, but as I couldn´t find anything, I gave up and prepared myself to face the woman behind the cash register. It is my turn I see how the window slowly goes down, I hear myself in a Czech-Polish tell the women I don´t have anything. I see her face clearly; she is very calm and says I should search more without any stress.

I try my best yet fail, so I look at her and tell her I have nothing to give her. She says she cannot let me pass without paying. Therefore, I tell her what other option do I have. She shrugs her shoulders and says nothing. So, I try to find some app with which I could pay. I do not know how much time has already passed while my mind has reached the highest level of panic. Here comes one guy from the car that I successfully blocked.

He goes to the woman and angrily asks her what has been happening. She responds that I have no money. The driver looks at me: “You idiot, how can you come to a highway without having any money.” I am not in a mood to say anything in Polish, so he says: “wypjerdalaj!” He talks more stupid angry things but turns to the woman and says he will pay it. Then he looks at me, asks and puts his hand to my window, but give me something in return. I say przepraszam (sorry) and tell him I can send the money to his account. He repeats wypjerdalaj again, and shows me to go to hell away from him before he kicks me in the ass. All this mental fight was caused only by 12 zlotys. (2€)

So, I went on, but I was so scared that there will be another terminal on my way that I turned after 30 km and went to breathe a bit of fresh air at the gas station. For the next time, I will have some money hidden in my phone, just in case of an emergency. I advise you the same thing. Sometimes growing up give as some pain before we learn.

Ondra from Our Good School in Katowice

#EUSolidarityCorps #ActiveWomenAssociation

(The project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps)

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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