Głazy krasnoludów – Dwarf boulders

The reserve is located in Zawory – the north-western part of the Stołowe Mountains, in the Central Sudetes, on the slope of a forested hill, by the Jawiszówka stream, about 2.0 km south-east of Gorzeszów. It was established in 1970 by an order of the Minister of Forestry and Wood Industry (Monitor Polski of 1970, No. 25, item 210 9). It is a reserve with an area of ​​9.04 ha, created to protect rock formations and rare species of protected plants and natural plant communities. The reserve was established mainly to preserve and protect natural forms of weathering of sandstone from the Upper Cretaceous age. There are Gorzeszów Skałki, forming forms resembling figures, walls, towers, mushrooms, animals, made of sandstone and marls carved by water. The uprising is defined as the time of the Upper Cretaceous, i.e. 70-100 million years ago. Like other nearby rock outcrops, the Dwarf Boulders are also lumps of sandstone eroded by the sun, water and wind. There is a car park and a shelter next to the rocks. Visiting Gorzeszowskie Skałki does not require any technical skills.

Izabela, volunteer of European Solidarity Corps in In Situ Foundation in Sokolowsko.This project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps.#EuropeanSolidarityCorps

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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