feeling myself in the right path

Sometimes, taking a break looks like a wise and the right decision. While to others, seems like a waste of time. Could I sound pretentious but I was totally these second kind of person. Always proud of my quick and solid decisions. After finishing Bachelor? straight to the University.

I didn’t take even a second to think about it. I was absolutely certain that I wanted to be a journalist. Maybe that’s my problem. I am so sure about my choices, but because I didn’t think about anything else, about other possible options. Or maybe because I was unable to look beyond what the system was telling me to do.

Then, while studying the first year the doubts came. but instead of stop and take a deep breath, I kept going. Lots of friends quit the University or just took a year to decide what they really wanted to do. And I always thought that this option wasn’t for me.

So, after 5 years I finished my degree and I became a journalist. While having always this feeling that something was wrong. Because outside was always something more. Somewhere else to go, something else to explore, to discover to learn about it.

Graphic design, photography, content curator, content creator, audiovisual communication, audiovisual animator, copywriter, photojournalist, musical journalist, art director… Is just thinking about all this possible options and I have this overwhelming feeling…

Well, 5 years ago I didn’t take a deep breath but that’s what I am doing now. It’s difficult to see your friends studying the Masters and working on their professional fields, while you just had stop your career. But I couldn’t forgive me of making the same mistake once again.

Now, I am working on the photography field, creating audiovisual publications and running an Instagram profile. Developing my design and aesthetic instinct while learning more visual and digital tools. I am growing in a professional way, but the most important thing, I am re-discovering my real interested and professional passions.

I am not scared anymore of the future, because this present is giving me the mental tools and the knowledge to fight against it. The patient to focus on my real and long-term needs and not in my current and transient ones. Because doesn’t matter If I take one or two years to decide what Master I want to do, because at the end, it’s gonna be the right one.

Hope all of you are not afraid of stopping everything for a sec. and look into your soul to feeling yourself in peace, walking in the right path 😊 Feeling happy and grateful of doing something that I thought I’ve never could have the chance to do!!

I leave you here some design publications that I’ve made during February for the In situ Foundation!

Paula, Spanish volunteer at Sokolowsko 🌷

Project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps.

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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