What have you done during christmas? Nothing special, you know, just a quarantine.

It was the 22nd of december, the first day of christmas holidays. Due to the covid situation, I decided to stay these days in Poland, and celebrate them with people from here. After spending the whole day with Olek, in the afternoon a bad news arrived. 

There is a kid in the kindergarten with symptoms, so, you should do a 10 days of quarantine.

These words broke me inside. I went from spending Christmas with my family, to celebrating here, and after then spending 10 days alone in my flat. 

My plans here were to spend christmas night with the Olek family, and the day after with my tutor and her family. I was motivated to share those days with them, really. 

As we spent the day together with Olek, obviously, I wouldn’t go to their family home. So, I started to go home, alone, with a lot of thoughts in my mind. Suddenly, Olek called me, and he told me to stay in his flat. 

We have been the whole day, and it is christmas. We will do the quarantine together.

During the quarantine, we did a lot of productive and nice things. Two of the things I am most proud of are the following ones;

The first few days, we organised, tidy and cleaned a room from his flat, and we converted it into a music studio. We call it the “Studio Disaster”!

It was then when we started to do a lot of music production. Some of them were good, some awful… until one day we connected and we felt inspired. I took my guitar, he started singing, and once we had the chords and voice melody I produced it with the computer. It was awesome how we felt, we were really into this song. 

After, we had the idea to record a video while doing a live dub session. And so we did! PRAWDA is the truth, is how we work, is how we understand music, how we share it. 

We finished the quarantine on new years eve. We decided to go to their parents home and spend the night there. In Spain it is typical to eat 12 grapes when it is 31st of december midnight. Before going there we went to buy them, and we celebrated the new years eve in a Polish-Spanish style! It was a nice day.

What seemed a complete disaster of christmas, at the end was awesome. We had good days together!

Roger from Catalonia. Volunteer of European Solidarity Corps in Forest Kindergarten Borchówka (Fundacja Dmuchawiec), in Łódź.

Project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps.



Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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