Paths cross

Three weeks ago some volunteers from different parts of Poland visited us at Sokołowsko. One morning we went for a walk and during the returning path to Villa Rosa, we found an old men, well dressed and with an elegant wooden stick observing the nature. Surprisingly, with a perfect british accent he spoke to us, “how beautiful is this place, isn’t it?.

In Sokołowsko is really difficult to find someone that speaks well English and even more difficult, to find and old person who speak it. We had a really nice conversation and I asked him about taking a photo of him with my analog camera. “I am also a photographer, you know?, I love seeing how you, the youth, keep going with such old traditions and doing it with that passion…”.

Returning back home, between laughs we were wondering, “was him a fairy soul from the woods?”. We don’t cross paths so often with such beautiful human beings in this remote polish village.

That night Zuza, asked me if I could stay the next morning at the hotel. “There is a very well-known photographer from Warsaw staying these days at Villa Rosa and he will left the hotel tomorrow morning”. He’s really interested in being interviewed by you and to talk about your work”.

What a surprise when I found the next morning at 9:00am, with perfect that british punctuality, that nice man whom we crossed paths the day before, waiting for me at the main table of the living room. “How are you Paula, when you’re ready we could start with our ideas exchange”.

That’s how I came to know the famous Jacek Bąkowski, photographer and visual and graphic polish artist. I spent two hours, accompanied by many coffees and cigarettes and his beautiful british accent (he teaches English at the University. Now everything make sense) learning about his interesting and amazing sculpture, plastic and visual works.

Now, my main work for the Foundation consists in posting his many visual works that he has exhibited in museums and galleries around the whole Poland, into our artists-archive. Translating some of them into English and took a few photos of his work exhibited at Villa Rosa for his new book. He shared with me his wise advices, artistic secrets and somehow, we created a magical connection which evolved into a feeling of appreciation and gratitude that still remains on me.

It’s fascinating how the human being it’s able to create such beautiful and artistics things and how a simple path cross it’s able to change inside you so many things… Here I will leave you my Jacek two favourite works and the photo that I took of him, hope you like them!🦋✨

Ps: always feeling grateful of living this amazing and enriching experience.

  1. Tablica w Soko. This old stone is exposed in front of our Sokołowsko Sanatorium but now it will be probably covered by the snow. It can be read on it “Ile deszczu, ile wistru, ile stop ludzkich potrzeba by znikły te słowa”, which means “How much rain, how much wind, how many human footsteps are needed to make these words disappear”.

2. Uścisk w lisbonie. Photography work around Lisbon. Is so easy to connect our human souls just thought kindness and empathy. I love so much this photographies…

The analog photo that I took of Jacek.

Paula, Spanish Volunteer at Sokołowsko🌸🌷🧝🏻‍♀️

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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