Best winter ever

I think it’s kinda ironic to refer as best whatever ever nowadays because this year definitely has not been the best anything BUT I’m in love with snow and we had loads of snow in Spain.

There are some places in Spain that have snow every year, is not like that in my city, Zaragoza, it’s a pretty dry area and even it’s really cold we don’t have rains so no snow neither. In my whole life I had enjoyed snow twice that’s why I’m acting like a kid then there’s snow in Poland. Last time we had snow it was 15 years ago but this year, after Christmas ended we had a lot of it.

In Spain Christmas lasts till 6th of January, that’s when we celebrate three magic kings, there are presents and we have lunch together with our families. The snow was on the 9th so people was ready to go back to their lifes but weather had another plan.

Days before the “great snow” they were talking in the news about it, the streets of my city were covered by salt and I couldn’t stop laughing about it, making jokes about Zaragoza not being Poland and how everything was expecting a snow that wouldn’t come, but it did.

The night before it started a bit, but I was sure that it won’t be enough for it to stay on the ground but next morning…. OMG, more snow that I had seen in Poland by now, I couldn’t believe it. It was snowing all day and all night with huge snowflakes.

When I was rolling the first snow ball I feel a total relief, all the people were out the streets, enjoying, playing, laughing. After the year we went through for me it was the final gift from Christmas, a moment to enjoy it was weekend so parents could be with their kids.

Not everything was positive though, Spain is totally a country that is not prepared to deal with snow so we experienced some bad times, not me I have to say.

I would love to write something about the school but we had long holidays and I’ve been in quarantine, tomorrow I will be free and I have already a lot of plans in my mind.

One more thing! When I left Poland sunset was at 15,30h, pretty depressing, now that I’m here it is at 17h and believe me, it’s huge difference that makes me really happy. As you can see I can be happy with small things, I hope you are able to enjoy them too.

Ysaura, Spanish volunteer in special needs school no.30, Sosnowiec.

Project is co-funded by European Solidarity Corps.

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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