I met a girl from Zimbabwe!

Nowadays we have a lot of opportunities to meet people from abroad. From different countries, races and even different continents. Project from European Solidarity Corps gave me this opportunity to get know other cultures, languages and other people’s traditions. I’m really glad to make bigger my knowledge of this point from real people – not from books or Google. Now I know how important is to know English language, because it’s almost universal to speak.

My new friend’s name is Clarah. She is 22 years old and she is in Poland for 2 years. She is a positive person with a lot of energy! I like to spend time with her. It was fun to see her enjoying the snow in Poland. She was taking pictures and recording videos when she was having fun on snow 😂 

She likes Poland, it’s totally different than her country. She told me a lot of interesting things about Zimbabwe and how life looks there. 

Education in Zimbabwe: obviously they have kindergartens, kids are starting primary school when they have 7 years old like in Poland, but they have seven Grades (now in Poland it’s eight). Then kids are going to Secondary School for four years. And after that they have special exam to get to the High School. Clarah said that it’s really difficult and without this exam you can’t go to High School. High School lasts only 2 years and they have an exam again. She said that it’s like they have 2 matura exams! After Secondary School and High School. And the last step of Education is College. 

When youth after College can’t find a job in their country, they are going on North of Africa to find something. 

They earn not that much money. 

Curiosity about money in Zimbabwe! 

Zimbabwe doesn’t have their own currency. Mostly they are using Dollars 💵💲or currency from other countries in Africa. It happened because of really bad economy situation in 2017. 

Language: people from Zimbabwe are using English language, but they have 12 different dialects! And they can pick one of them to learn in the school.

Food: they don’t eat a lot of soups. If it goes about second dish for dinner they eat some meat, salad and… Semolina (instead of for example potatoes in Poland). In Poland we eat semolina for breakfast with something sweet (fruits of jam) or as a dessert with sweet sirup. That was a bit shocking for me.

Life: It was the most surprising thing I have heard from Clarah! I need to share this with you:

When a girl is living in one flat/house with her boyfriend for more that three months – a couple has to… Get married! 😮BUT if they have a kid together – they don’t have to. 

I was laughing that you may change a boyfriend every 3 months to avoid marriage and having a child 😂

About traveling in Africa: People living in Europe don’t need to have a passport to travel to other countries in Europe. You just need an ID. In Africa it’s different: you must have a passport to travel to other countries in Africa. It must be problematic.

Clarah told me that flight to her country is really expensive. It’s more or less 4 thousand złoty!

Anyway I would want to visit this country, to check on my own skin how people live here, meet them, get deeper into this culture. This would be great experience.

And… attention, attention! This is Clarah enjoying the winter time. Isn’t she cute? ❤

Martyna from Poland, volunteer in Special Need School no 4 in Sosnowiec.



Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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