It is worth seeing vol. 1

Hello everyone!
From this side, a Polish volunteer!

Today I will write you something that I hope you will find useful, especially when you will be travelling in Poland.
I want to show you the places in different Polish cities that you can see during the pandemic and not to worry if it is open.

The first will be Warsaw.
I have lived in Warsaw for almost 10 years and I got to know this city rather well, although I still don’t like the city center :).
Warsaw is a big city and moving around may be burdensome, especially by public transport, but there are places worth all the effort.

  1. Old Town – historic tenement houses, rebuilt by Poles after World War II, are unique and listed by UNESCO.
    Charming streets, colorful facades and the mermaid’s monument are the showcase of the city and how you are in Warsaw you must see them.
  2. Krakowskie przedmieście – Nowy Świat – two long streets connecting the Old Town with the city center, connect the old with the new.
    On the first street you will find antique shops, small bookshops and cafes as well as the University of Warsaw and the Presidential Palace right next door.
    The second street is a time of modernity, bars and modern stores. It is full of young people looking for good food and music.
  3. the Royal Łazienki Park – one of the most beautiful parks with a palace complex in Europe. There is a summer residence of Stanislaw August, one of the Polish kings.
    The park is large, you can see the Palace on the Water, a theater, a palm house and peacocks walking in the park.
    When it is warm you can take a blanket and have a picnic among trees and flowers.
  4. Wilanów Palace – the most distant attraction. It is the palace of King John III located in the Wilanów district, surrounded by gardens and forests.
    It is one of the few Baroque palaces entirely preserved with interior decoration.
    During the winter, light gardens are created every year presenting different stories – two years ago it was Alice in the wonderland.
    At specific hours a mapping showing the history of the building’s inhabitants and folk parables is displayed on the facade.

These are the four most spectacular places in Warsaw, which you can see almost at any time. Especially in this period, where there are lights everywhere, it is worth to go even for a short walk.

Dominika, Polish volunteer, In Situ foundation in Sokołowsko

Wilanów Palace

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Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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