The old and new year!

I’m Marc from Catalunya, Barcelona 🙂 In this article I want to write about the general experience during this year (before the volunteer) and my wishes for the next and very close new year!!

This year, I had the amazing experience to achieve something that seemed for me very far away and difficult in this time: to do this volunteer in a foreign country! The difficulties are totally obvious: The pandemic time. Bus this experience has returned to me the impressions that the things can be possible even in the worse conditions and when I thought that perhaps it was impossible… So, this experience suppose largely “to do possible” “the impossible”.

I’m volunteer in the free democratic school: Bullerbyn. There was a lot of reasons to do this volunteer. Some of them are personal and others more related to the concrete project: to work in a school with the children. Perhaps the most important is related to know other way of education very different than how I was educated in my childhood and because I like a lot to learn about alternatives and new forms (emergents) of pedagogy. Thinking about how I was educated I found a lot of things that I don’t like (also of course, that I liked and enjoyed). I believe that as a persons we have the moral right to develop our best potencial as a humans and as a humans integrated in the society. And unfortunately. In my opinion the “regular education” was not so good in a lot of basic points : The creativity, the human relationships, emotional management, the development of our individual values, the hierarchy with the teachers, etc. In that sense, to discover this type of education it’s a nice nutrition for my intellect to be able to understand that we have alternatives in education. Perhaps the most important that I liked is the concept of to be active for the kids: to participe actively in his own education. And of course the general idea about democracy: to take the decisions using the assembly.

Other reason to do this volunteer was to have more clarity about what to do professionaly in my near future life because I have a lot of options: I’m pshychologist and music but I have to choose and to follow a way that give me some decent beneficts, personally and economical. So, during this ending part of this year I’ve token the decision to do the superior of the violin and to focus in that direction my professional developement. It makes me happy because I’m finding a lot of opportunities to develop me musically: some violin teachers that I have found and perhaps the most important the experience of singing in the Chór Akademici SGGW. I recommend to everybody to live this amazing experience in his life that is to sing in a choir with other people, hearing all voices. It’s healthy for the soul. Only this clarity that I have now about what I want to do in my future it’s enough to feel that this volunteer experience has a lot of values.

I wanted to say that during the last two month I’m doing an amazing kung fu routine. Perhaps the most important that I’ve learned about this intern kung fu is the value of determination. Every day I get up at 6.50 to practise during 1 hour. Sometimes I want to practice and sometimes not. Sometimes it’s not funny or I’m tired. But it doesn’t matter. The development of will and determination is more important than temporary desire of the moment. And this fact give to me the certain of force and stability in a lot of senses. I’m introducing in my life and body a lot of new and health habits that I want to keep for the next year!

My wishes for the next year is to increase my English level. To enjoy at maximum with the kids, stuff, and school and develop new communication skills wit Polish and English. I will quit also my habit to smoke in March for my Birthday (24,March, Aries people…). And finally, to kill for ever an ever that little (or big) monster that is called “koronawirus”

Happy new year for everybody! Best wishes for the rest of volunteers.

This project is co-funded by Soladirity Corps.

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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