Article about my experience in the EVS

First of all I introduced myself, I’m Oriol García, I’m 26 years old and I’m originally from Barcelona, Spain. To explain my expectations, impressions, learning, my development, importance and the most important events, it is important to contextualize first.

One of the most important questions according to my point of view is to know the reason why an individual decides to change his course and embark on a new experience for the following months, in my case 11 months. The answer is simple, I just finished my university studies (Psychology) and I wanted to do something different before doing the master’s degree and dedicate myself to work during my next 40 years, apart from other personal reasons.

The next logical question that follows is ¿Why this project and this country and not another?. Initially I only had 3 criteries;

  1. I wanted a long project and finish before September of the following year.
  2. A country where survival was cheap with the salary received.
  3. An interesting project where I could perform and develop my skills while continuing to train.

Obviously this project came to me like a ring for my finger and it was also a country that had never been before and that caught my attention.

If we talk about my first impressions I remember perfectly my arrival in Sosnowiec at approximately 2 am, where I saw that my location looked super old and neglected surrounded by the same conditions. And to deny it, my first impression was “I do not know where I’ve gotten myself”. But it is quickly change in the first days to see the comfortable and charmy apartment, meet my colleagues, the strong and warm reception I got and feel integrated into the group from the first moment. Although the city did not look very nice in the beginning, it is loved and you learn to value over time, as well as being very well connected and with great and beautiful cities nearby.

As for the expectations were clear and these are both related to my development and my learning.

One of the main objectives was to improve my English and launch myself to practice it without fear and in this aspect I did’nt have another one here (in spite of being several Spaniards). Another was learning to live in an apartment with people unknown from other countries, ages, personalities and different cultures. In the same way as working as a team in the same school with the same common goal; collaborate and help as much as possible, feeling useful. To know myself better and, of course, to enjoy this new experience that was offered to me.

All expectations defined just before have the same relationship in my learning and development; It has been progressively fulfilled as I adapted and feeling more comfortable and knowing more about others.

I have to say that I can feel fortunate for the other volunteers with whom I have found who make it easy enough due to their personalities and the good general atmosphere that is breathed. And of course the organization and the school in which I find myself, where I feel very well-rounded and with the freedom to propose new ideas and have helped me in everything they could. For the other personal objectives, I myself was the one in charge of working with them to achieve them, and I am still working on it to maximize the results from here until the project ends.

To finish this article talk about the best lived events. Although of course there have also been bad experiences, the balance is generously moving towards positive ones. Many of them I can’t tell because they stay between us, so I feel so sorry for the readers. But to highlight are the coexistence, sharing our time and experiences and also the fact of being able to travel and visit other countries knowing more Europe due to our free days or vacations that we have. A part of many activities that can be done as linguistic exchanges, festivals, training camps … But it would not be fun if I explained everything … it is always better to live it and experience it for yourself.
So with my hand in my heart I invite you to carry out this similar experience in the country that is, and from then live an unforgettable experience and continue to grow and develop on a personal level.

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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