” Let´s talk about COP 24, Katowice- Poland 2018 “

If you ask me to highlight one of my best experiences in Poland, COP 24  will be among them for sure.COP 24( 24 th conference ), was The UN climate summits, including global conferences, which aimed to know which actions for climate policies is negotiated and implemented. Although Poland  hosted them twice before in 2008(COP 14) in Poznań and in 2013 (COP 19) in Warsaw.And now in Katowice ,upersalesia region from 2th t0 15 of December 2018.

For me, this was the first time that i was “attending” such a event calibre.Even though i didn’t attend it officially ,once our organisation didn’t get invited, that didn’t stop me from participating, I express my opinion and also heards one´s opinions , get to know what s is being made by others in another’s world’s regions in order to make our planet a sustainable place to leave.

COP 24 was pretty diverse not only ethnically,religiously,linguistically , but also people from different backgrounds, professions (musicians,artists,dietitians, agricultures, students,youth workers and a lot more), wasn´t  only for intellectuals and specialist has i thought it would be. The event was very interesting , didn´t get bored at all, i enjoyed every moment while i was there, I even took the opportunity to expand my networking . In some point, according to some participants (that was attending it officially), “it was getting more productive outside than inside, once inside the governants was clinging to their own agenda, no one want to give in ,which was making it hard to get any further agreement “, what make all the sense when you think about it: The so called “outsiders” participants were composed mainly by ordinary people, teachers, farmers,youth workers, religious leaders,NGOs ( both nationals and internationals), with different areas of operation(sexual educators, businessman, gender equality advocators ,LgbtQ representatives, individual personalities who defends earth rights, basically all the civil society that elect those “insiders” who turns out to not represent us at all.(not going deep in it now ,subject for another day).

summing up: The main reason why the “outsiders” conference room was being more fruitful than our own leaders (insiders) is because among us , the audiences was so diverse that i believe that it represents almost all prism of the society and knowledge in general, so no one can talk in our behalf and in first person apart from us, plus we don’t owe any big capitalist (the bigs corporations, multinationals , “those powerfull 1%”)  obedience or favours therefore we can speak up our mind freely without fearing nothing. Almost as free as Greta Thunberg, the world youngest climate activist, (i won’t even say swedish girl, because when “things goes down” it won’t even matter which countries we´re from- countries is  amongs of thousand of others man artificial inventions to divide and conquer).So as someone from mankind i think it’s time to think seriously about reverse the process. How ? one would ask!

According to another special guest, Al Gore, we don´t lack of anything but our will to care it out, the same ultimate technology  that we use to deforest the Amazon and the dense basin of congo, can also be used other way round, the same education, studies and researches that we apply on extracting ,transforming and transporting minerals to feed ours futile lifestyle , the same efforts can be putted finally in finding alternatives , that are more enviro friendly.That include what we it and how it’s produced.

If the biggest capitalists are making it we should all try:)

If China can make it we will make it anyhow 🙂

   For those who still don´t know what it is about, or insist that “it’s all lies” ,here some concerning datas extracted from Al gore presentation:

  • Globally, floods and extreme rainfall events now occur four times more often than in 1999
  • The 2006-2010 drought turned 60% of syria´s fertile land into desert

* one of the reason for war in Syria.

  According to U.S department of defense,on October 13th 2014 “ climate change will likely lead to food and water shortage,

  pandemic disease, disputes over refugees and resources and destructions by natural disasters by natural disasters in across the globe.

  • The Arctic ocean has lost 95% percent of its oldest ice.
  • The north Pole has now experienced mid-winter heatwaves three years in a row (2016,2017,2018).
  • In july 2017 kuwait city experienced temperature up to 51º C , as consequences birds in the city died and felt from the sky from heat exposure.
  • In 7th , 2018 Sydney Australia temperature reached 47.3ºC , city hottest day in 80 years.
  • 28th of July 2017, Baghdad Iraq capital reached 51º C .The government had to declare a mandatory holiday to prevent people from working in the heat.
  • 2 th of june 2016, the Louvre museum moved artworks upstairs as floodwaters threatened the building.

I could go on and on but i think i made my point : “climate change is a medical emergency”.

Let´s some of our most powerful leaders denied the undeniable, after all, as  Wallace Stevens (1979-1955 American modernist poetry) would say : “After the final no, there comes a YES, and on that YES the future world depends”.

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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