On arrival training in Warsaw Evs

On arrival training is a welcome training hold by national agency for all new Evs and Erasmus+ volunteers arriving to Poland, usually it last 1 week, (our was from 21-27 of january).

 One of the gold  is to introduce the new comers how life is in their new home, what is expected from them in the project,what are the available resources to reach it,and the most important (at least for me) is to build the bond among volunteers , this mean to widen your networking, this is why i applied for this project.

Meeting new people is not just about having fun,go to the pub but is also about share your experiences, your story and qui sait  find common ground for collaborations in one´s  future projects.

The on-arrival training is also for the participants to clear up every issues concerning to logistic part and manage the relation between hosting org,sending organisation and the participant.

During this one week the participants were invited to build their agenda and our own timetable concerning on “what we need to make our volunteer experience as good as possible?” from monday to Sunday we elaborate activities and implement it, we debate about hot topics now in europe  such as: immigrants and the refugees pros and cons; Gender equality more specifically , the women right in Polish society; we took the warsaw street´s to ask the residents what they think about some nationalities (what are the stereotype about people), it was pretty much revealing on how mainstream media influence our perception on each others.

Aside from that the participants went on to share some methods when it comes to non formal education, basically a peer teaching, which turn out to be very enrichant and productive, since we experience the same reality daily (at schools with pupils, or with youth in general), on top on that we belong to the same age group (so there’s actual no barrer just respect).

This one week was memorable as the participants get to know each others, builds some relationships that some of us will care for the rest of our lives .we explore the city of Warsaw had a tour guide, to explain the story although we all heard of it somewhere in our History class but now we Re the one making history, by positive i am sure . We also got a special surprise by our trainer, they brought the traditional dance group to show us almost all the folklore that build polish culture.

 As a participant the only thing i can say is that i’m looking forward for the mid-term training.

Polish folklore dance group , i forgot to tell you they involve us in :)= we weren’t´t  just spectators !!!

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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  1. Guys your feed back regarding to the articles will be very import to me so just let me know your opinion, criticism (corrections as english in not my mother tongue , some sentences can be wrongly built, in that case i ll correct it right a way)….feel free to express yourselves 🙂 i ll be glad.


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