The event cop 24 that took place in Katowice city (Poland) from 2th to 16th of December ,the city were flooded by people from all over the world and with different perspective about ” HOW WE CAN STOP THE CLIMATE CHANGE ?A lot of environmental activists, leaders (both religious and politians) and many more show up with only purpose #action time#.

One particulary group call my attention “THE ECOFEMINIST”.

According to the one of the member  the organisation that promptly explains me “ the ecofeminist see the oppression of women and the domination of the nature as interconnected; It’s also confronts issues of gender, race , class and nature.”

Instantly i feel related to the concept, because it tackle  all the problematic that still hunt our society.Our society still has big bias towards woman, Black people,made for and by capitalism and  has no respect to the nature whatsoever.

To understand more what they do, i´ve decided to spend that day with them, follow all the set up for the march, help with banners, flares and the graffitis with phrases like “#there´s no Planet B”, “save our world for “, “#future generation matters” and so many others flooded the streets of Katowice. We´re ready, as we starts to march more people were gettering and chanting on the top of their lungs , hoping our leaders could heard our prayers and take that in consideration.

we march from one of the point of the city to another,under the heavy polish winter,it goes on for more than 5 hours, side by side with the seniors  and youngsters as sixteen years old Greta Thunberg.Nor exhaustion or pressure from the security forces with their severe ways intimidate us.

After all we´re a peaceful group and disciplined rained among us. we knew why we came there, wouldn’t let anything distract us.It was also a opportunity for some fraternal cohabitation for one moment we forgot our differences,our problems and became unity for one cause, the streets and the main avenue were packing from people all over , no one complains for being pushed or touched , now i wonder why it can always like that?For once i saw the power of 99 coming together ,the  good atmosphere and civic spirit among us keeps us going on for miles.

we´d stop to listen some speeches, some physiological reinforcement, some would share snacks, to put some more energy , there were we unstoppable. Media from everywhere came to cover the event, interview some people about their thought on climate change and the nature the agreement that´was being discussed by our leaders inside the main room.

But the respond to that question were yet to come, and it let us everyone nervous and excited , the event was about to finish and there’s no agreement about our common future.some starts to fall into despair.Contrary to the pessimist feeling that start to dominate the crowd  ,among the ecofeminist this never seen faith,perhaps the right word would be conviction and optimist feeling that characterize the female being. And this astonished me so much and my it´s recovered my mood from the common wave of defeated that were taking over.

For some it wasn´t  no surprise at all , “once the mains sponsors of the event were the big mines explorers and multinationals of course they wouldn’t let anyone vote against they interest”, some stated.

As in PARIS agreement some big countries Like U.S.A and Israel were again blocking the negotiations, “our minister of environment did not come deliberately instead he rather to send some of his subordinate, because of his lack of conviction on the theories that prove climate change”- i heard from some israeli fellas.

 All those statements concerns me a lot and broke my heart, I could picture our world run by blind, deaf and mute individuals (No disrespect to people who suffer from the disabilities above mentioned, no doubt that they’d perform better than some of our leaders- just pure figurative meaning).With no respect to people opinion.

Back to  the ecofeminist, i appreciate every moment spent with them, all the learns and moment shared meant a lot to me.

After that journey, all my now on project and activities has some ecofeminist touch on it.

Author: European Volunteers in Poland

A blog curated by volunteers taking part in European Solidarity Corps initiative in Poland and coordinated by Active Woman Association

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